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What’s the soul of translation industry?


In my opinion, the quality and custom service, which are like our mouth and teeth, are an Indispensable partin translation and localization industry.Just As one Chinese Idiom said”唇亡齿寒, literally means that if you lose your month, your teeth will be cold.



Last time my client based in Singapore, have an urgent request abouta review job from English to Chinese Traditional. It is at 21:00 pm.The original translation is very bad. We need to find the best suitable linguist to edit this file about 3000 words within 6 hours. You can imagine the difficulty.

But we did it! We find a good proofreader and I also make a wonderful bilingual format to the client and meet the deadline.


Customer service spirit

Please have a high custom service sprit. When you can help your client handle an urgent project and let them feel “WOW”, I believe they will keep you in mind if they havefurther more projects.



When the client needs your service, you are just here and pop up. It is lucky for you.

But the charm is how to let your clients always think of you anytime! Please leave your comments. Thanks.