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Translation Services

Certified Translation Services in New York City (NYC)

As the world continues to turn into a global village, the need for translations is rapidly growing as an increasing number of companies are choosing to localize their businesses You can now get world class Certified translation services in NYC language translation services by native ...

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Proficient English to Chinese translation services in Singapore

Singapore since its independence in 1965, Singapore has turned into a country with an active trade and a rich culture. The country encompasses a wonderful amalgamation of Chinese, Indian and Malay cultures that have given the place a distinct touch. Where on one side the food tastes heavenly, on the other side t...

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Certified Translation Services in Manchester

Manchester is a vibrant city full of color and entertainment. The city barely rests as the international market continue to grow while the activity centers never lose the attention of locals as well as tourists.  

As the economy is constantly growing,

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Document Translation Services in Brooklyn NY

The quality services of MARS TRANSLATION have been satisfying customers worldwide. One of the most asked query we get is whether or not we provide our translation services in Brooklyn. The answer to this question is, yes, we do provide our document translation services in Brooklyn as well.

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Chinese Driver's License Translation Services

If you are living permanently or temporarily in a foreign country, you must have contemplated driving yourself rather than relying on public transport at some point. Public transportation can sometimes be too over crowded or not take you to your exact destination. There are a number of other reasons why you woul...

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Inuktitut Language Translation Services

The need for Inuktitut translations is rapidly growing as an increasing number of companies are choosing to localize their businesses You can now get world class Inuktitut language translation services by native professionals at MarsTranslation. We deal with all the languages included in the Inuit group. You can...

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Book Translation Services 75+ Languages - Fastest Turnaround

Human mind has always been inquisitive about everything that lies beyond the horizon. Thirst for knowledge has always come naturally to man, in order to satisfy this thirst humans first translated actions into words to communicate which were then translated into separate languages. Translation helps us understan...

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Pronounce It Right to Translate It Right In Dutch Certified Documents

Many of us believe that English and Dutch are similar languages and anyone who is a native English speaker can handle Dutch. However, there is more to Dutch than meets the eye. When a translator provides certified translation services, they need to be extra vigilant. They need to be on their guard and make sure that their translated words a...

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Danish Marketing Translation – Localizing According to the Clients

Translating marketing material in Danish from English is considered to be very easy. As these two languages are very similar, translators are often confident about their skills. However, this similarity between these two languages creates some unwanted confusion. This confusion creates conflicts which lead to inaccurate translation.


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Something to Note About Danish Legal Language

Legal jargon can be a little daunting in Danish. Although same at first glance, Danish and English are very different from each other. Especially when it comes to the legal terms and how they are used in the documents. Even though English is considered to be the standard language of law in many countries, Denmark still uses Danish as the of...

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Greek Business Translation – The Right Way

Business translations are tricky and when you are translating them in a language such as Greek, things get a little heading. There are some things that every translator can do to make the translation process better, but here is the thing: generic tips and tricks are of no good in Greek translation. The quality translation services always go...

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Translating Marketing Material in Turkish – How Is It Done?

The Turkish language and culture is very is very diverse and colorful. It is steeped in its rich history and voices every era it has seen and survived. Although, the Turkish language is spoken the same way it did centuries ago, the writing system changed with the advent of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s reign. Centuries ago, this language was...

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