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Mars Free Translation App

With this new updated version, you can get a free machine translation in 50+ languages with our free app. Mars Translation free application that provides easy to use, clean interface to get your translation done in no time. In this update, you can now snap a picture of the text and get its translation, upload documents to get its translated version and place your orders for quality human translation. Download now and enjoy communicating with the world.

Mars Translation Free translation App

Mars Translation Free translation App provides you easy to use interface for all translations.

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No Google Dependency

Mars Translation application is not dependent on Google Translation or any other services offered by Google. You are free to use this application in countries where Google is banned, even in China.

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Translate in 50+ Languages

Mars Translation free translation application provides you with translation in 50+ languages; you can talk to your friends, make new friends in different languages and explore the world.

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Document Translation

Now you don’t have to type your text. Simply upload the file with the target text and have it translated with a simple swipe of your finger.

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Snap and Translate

Simply take a picture of the text you want to translate and have it accurately translated into your desired language in a matter of seconds.

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Save and Mark as Favorite

Mars Translation application can save all your translation history. You can check and delete your history in settings, or swipe left to delete. You can also mark your translation as favorite and see in favorite tab later.

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Place Your Order

We are expert in professional human translation. This application gives you liberty to post your translation needs by filling a simple form. However, if you require human translation, feel free to contact us and take advantage of our one of a kind service.