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One of the most important criteria for a professional and hassle-free expansion into an international market is the timely and accurate delivery of translated documents. For these documents to be fully ready for the global markets, they need to be handled by certified and professional document translators.

Types of Certified
Document Translation We Provide

At Mars Translation, our expert translators are subject matter experts who understand that cultural and linguistic differences have to be considered during the delivery of professional document translation services. This is why they strive to provide error-free and certified document translations belonging to a wide range of industries. Our document translation services span a variety of industries such as medical, legal, technological, and entertainment.

With a keen eye for providing detailed and authentic translations, our professional translators ensure all types of documents are translated accurately and precisely within a quick turnaround and backed with quality assurance measures, so that you can make the transition to global markets easily, irrespective of the industry you belong to.

  • Annual Report
  • Auditor Report
  • Academic Transcript
  • Adoption Document
  • Apostille
  • Asylum Document
  • Background Check
  • Bank Statement
  • Business Plan
  • Birth Certificate
  • Business Document
  • Brochure
  • Company Profile
  • Contract
  • Change Of Name
  • Course Guide
  • Criminal Record
  • Catalog and Guides
  • Death Certificate
  • Deposition
  • Diploma
  • Divorce Document
  • Driver's License
  • E-learning Course
  • Email
  • Employee Manual
  • Financial Statement
  • Handbook
  • Legal Contract
  • License Agreement
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Medical Record
  • Manuscript
  • Electronic Media Content
  • Prospectus
  • Publication and Journal
  • Passport
  • Patent Application
  • Press Release
  • Product Manual
  • Post on Social Network
  • Rental Agreement
  • Resume
  • Training Material
  • Tax Returns
  • Text Message
  • University Application
  • Vaccination Record
  • and many more…

We Specialize In:

  • Medical Document Translations
  • Financial Document Translations
  • Legal Document Translations
  • Multilingual Desktop Publishing
  • Microsoft Word Documents
  • Translating InDesign Files
  • Google Docs Localization
  • FrameMaker Document Translations
  • Madcap Flare Translations
  • Translating XML DITA
  • Translation with CMS Systems
  • Online Help Localization
  • Death Certificate Translation
  • Marriage Certificate Translation
  • Transcript Translation

Our Official Documents Translation Process

Mars Translation believes in delivering a highly simplified and agile document translation process. Our document translation services are accurate, professional, and precise, with quick turnaround backed by high-quality assessments. Follow our three-step document translation process to get your documents translated easily.


Upload your Documents

Upload the documents you want to translate and specify the target language


Track your Progress

Obtain real-time information about the status of your documents on our translation software


Obtain your Translated Documents

Get your translated documents from our translation software easily and quickly

To get your documents translated without any errors, follow these steps:

  • Drop your document files in any format you want (MS Word, InDesign,PowerPoint) on our online translation portal. You can also send us yourfiles through email
  • Choose and specify the target language you want to get your files translated into as well as the type of industry and subject matter field
  • You will be provided with a translation quote right away with Mars Translation TMS
  • Review the generated code and confirm the payment method and project
  • Mars Translation will assign subject matter experts and the righttranslators to your project so that you get accurate and professionaltranslations of your documents
  • To ensure your translated documents are professionally formatted andready for publishing, Mars Translation’s Quality Assurance Process willperform post-translational processing
  • Mars Translation will automatically save all translated content for next time to save time and cost
  • Download your translated documents easily with a click from our online portal ,

Our ISO 9001 Certified Document Translation Services

Mars Translation prides itself in delivering high quality, certified and professional document translation services backed by quality assurance measures and assessments.

We are a leading translation agency specializing indelivering accurate translations for a wide range of documents such as legaldocuments, medical files, user manuals, and other technical documentation.This is why we employ the best quality assurance processes which are backedby ISO 9001 standards and years of experience in translation execution.

To ensure the high quality of your translated documents, our domain-specific and subject matter experts are adept at understanding your specialized industry needs. This is why they produce technically correct and linguistically accurate translations each time.

At Mars Translation, your document translation process is automated, using our industry-leading, online translation workflows to provide fast document translation services which are a demand in the digitally dynamic world.

Our subject matter experts deliver instant document translation services at high quality and back them up with ISO standards quality assurance measures in order to provide you with the most accurate and linguistically correct translations of your documents, irrespective of the type of industry.

Our Technically Accurate
Translations with Fast Turnaround

With the changing dynamics of the digital economy, the need to expand into global markets has also gained momentum. Where fast translations were measured in weeks or months, they are now required in days, or even hours. As agile translation takes over, the sizes of the documents are increasingly becoming smaller and agile translation processes are taking over the translation landscape.

With the shift in dynamics of document translations, the need to deliver fast, accurate, and agile translation services have also increased. At Mars Translation, we understand the changing needs of accurate document translation, which is why our highly automated translation processes are backed by translation management capabilities that not only leverage the translation process, it also removes redundant processes associated with old translation methods in order to deliver linguistically accurate translations. Backed by high-quality assurance processes, we make sure you can enter global markets with accurately translated documents easily and seamlessly without any hassle.

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Why Choose Mars?

Mars Translation believes in delivering a highly simplified and agile document translation process. We translate word document accurately, professionally, with quick turnaround backed by high-quality assessments. Follow our three-step document translation process to get your documents translated easily.

Not only are our experts adept at handling lengthy translations, but they also execute them in real time, with fast turnarounds

Our translation platforms feature quality re-assessments and checks to ensure consistent and top-quality translation services

Not only are our experts adept at handling lengthy translations, but they also execute them in real time, with fast turnarounds

Our transparent and affordable translation rates are the lowest among competitors without any hidden or extra charges

Our translation platform is equipped to process translation projects of high volume and technical nature, ensuring quick turnarounds

We offer translation services for a plethora of language pairs from around the globe for a multilingual and accurate support system.

Customers Feedback

Our happy customers are a proof of our continuous growth over the course of almost two decades

Medical Documents Translations

High-quality medical translation services require high linguistic experience, health knowledge, and localization practices. Our state-of-the-art, accurate, and professional translations for medical documents are backed by the highest levels of consistency and accuracy, with quick project turnarounds and improved ROI. In addition, our medical linguistic experts are adept at handling all medical documents, and our online translation management system allows medical institutes and companies to manage all their medical and clinical documents for efficient healthcare operations on a global scale.

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Financial Document Translations

To communicate effectively across borders, it is necessary that the financial documents be translated accurately and professionally. Mars Translation understands the importance of translating financial documents, which is why our subject matter experts take special care to translate all financial information including audit reports, financial analysis, accounting statements, and other contract documents. In addition, our team of subject matter experts is made up of financial translators with an extensive experience in financial translation and a profound understanding of the financial terminology, for error-free financial translation documents delivery.

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Legal Documents Translation

The translation of legal documents involves the conversion of legal terminology from one language to another without affecting the legal terms and conditions. At Mars Translation, our legal documents translation experts understand the need for professional and precise legal translation services. With a keen understanding of the legal terms associated with global and country-based law, these subject matter experts ensure all legal information is translated without any errors and mistakes. We translate all legal documents including court proceedings, contracts, immigration papers, property transfer documents, and so on.

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Multilingual Desktop Publishing

WIf you are looking for fast, accurate, and professional desktop publishing, look no further than Mars Translation’s professional multilingual desktop publishing services. At Mars Translation, our professional and expert desktop publishers provide competitive and fast foreign language DTP and page layout services in Adobe InDesign, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, FrameMaker, Google Docs, PDFs, and MadCap Flare. We possess a large number of multilingual publishers as well as DTP specialists who are experts in document formatting and DTP publishing and can deliver DTP publishing services on time.

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