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FAQs For Translators

As our name suggests, is a marketplace offers a comprehensive range of professional language services such as translation, interpreting, multimedia, localization, writing and desktop publishing. We connect freelancers and employers globally to get projects done with high quality and speed. With our professional workflow and 13 years of experience, we provide a sound and simple to use work environment and fabulous user experience to help you focusing on your specialties with high performance while saving your time and energy.
None. We appreciate the high quality work, the loyalty and service you provide for the clients, so we don’t charge you any money.
After you have completed a project on time and been confirmed satisfaction with your performance, credits will be sent to your account. You can withdraw your payment when there is at least 30 USD in your account that hasn’t been converted to cash.
You can get more translation projects by accumulating more translating experiences, getting into higher levels and doing more perfect jobs which will bring you more good reviews from clients, all of which will be displayed in your profile, and you will get more project opportunities on
In order to get your payment, you need to:
  • Reach an earning account of 30 USD at least, if you want to request your payment through PayPal or Alipay;
  • Reach at least 600 USD and request a withdrawal of 600 USD at least, if you would like to request your payment using bank wire transfer;
  • Now you can request your payment through your Account Control Panel by clicking the "Convert to Cash" button;
  • Select your preferred payment method, payment infomation and the amount of credits to convert;
  • Please note that we release payments twice a month: 15th and the end of each month.
The system will broadcast projects immediatly to different translators according to their languages, fields and levels on when clients place order. Translators who claim the project successfully will get the prject. New translators may need some time to get projects because the system need your credits gained from projects on to arrange.
Translators with relevant academic history and work experience are welcome to join our platform. Merely being a native speaker is not enough to qualify as a translator. After you join, you will be asked to pass professional translation exams to get in.
Please contact us and we will answer your questions as soon as possible.
We have a professional workflow to examine such cases. First we will try to resolve this by requesting improvements or corrections by the translator. If this doesn't work, project may be re-opened to other translators. We keep the right to act on our discretion as to who is eligible for a payment or if we found fraud situations, we will draw back the payment. We will try our best to take care of both the client's satisfaction and the requested level of translator's professionalism. If you have different opinions on any decision, please contact us.
You’ll work from home but on some jobs such as interpreting, you may be asked to attend a meeting or training session on site. This is rare and should be disclosed before you are engaged, and a suitable fee should be negotiated.
Sorry, users must complete exams in order of difficulty. You cannot skip exams.
Please call us if there is any problem, we are available 24/7.
Any projects that are related to your Mars Translation account may be easily accessed from "My Projects".
Mars Translation Profiles allow you to customize your display name in your Profile. Your default display name is your username. To change your display name:
  • Log in to your Mars Translation account;
  • Click "Profile" on the navigation menu;
  • Click "Edit" on your display name;
  • Update your display name;
  • Click "Save" when done.
Note: Your modified display name will only appear in your Profile. Your username will still appear alongside your projects.
To insure translators can work in a more efficient and equal environment, Mars Translation has set up translator levels for you. There are two main factors that will influence your translator level which are the projects you have completed and the reviews you have got:
Level Successful Projects Avg. Rating
Level 1 0 - 100 0.0 - 4.0
Level 2 101 - 200 4.0 - 5.0
Level 3 200+ 4.5 - 5.0
You will promote to the next level when you have achieved the all the requests of the next level at the same time.
10% of your project amount will be taken as the bonus, you will get it under the condition of you have got a five star good review from the client of your completed project.