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Our fast translation service will never let linguistic barriers slow you down. Get fast translations for documents through native speakers and industry-based professionals. We understand the need to meet deadlines and provide uncompromised quality in short turnaround.  We have:

  • Native translators for 230 languages
  • Streamlined process
  • 24/7 Support Team

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Why are Fast Translation Services Important?

Rapid increases in technology, population, and globalization demand same day translations. The constant flow of information is a necessity we cannot escape. Our strict vetting process ensures the hiring of tech-savvy native-speaking fast translators. Mars Translation has helped individuals and entities seize fleeting opportunities by helping them meet tight deadlines through our fast translation services. Our agile workflow, team of global professional linguists, and industry specialists ensure no matter how complicated the project is, our promise of speed and accuracy remains intact.

Don't miss out on opportunities because of language barriers or time constraints again when you partner with Mars Translation. We Are Your Global Advantage!

Quick Translation Facts

We begin working on your project from the moment you place an order. Mars assigns your project to the nearest working time zone. So, your translations are happening even while you are sleeping.

Seamless communication with your dedicated PM allows you to stay updated with the progress of your project.

We offer a fast turnaround of 2500 words per day per translator. We add more translators to your project for a quicker finish, if needed. But we will never compromise on quality and accuracy.

We handle urgent translations with great success. You can work closely with our assigned PM to ensure changes are made in real-time. Our approach is nothing but flexible and client-oriented.

Get Quick Translations in 230+ Languages

Mars Translation hires native translators from European, Asian, Latin, African, and American regions. You can get your translations in over 230+ languages and more than 800+ language pairs. Our offices are in 10 different countries and across all 4 time zones. Hence, your task is assigned to the most relevant time zone for quick translations.

Our native translators and proofreaders pay attention to details and ensure quality. Your dedicated project manager can also ensure amendments in real-time and is available at your beck and call. We believe in a client-centric approach so reach out to us with your queries for fast translations.

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Top Services – We Cover for Fast Translations

Legal Translation

Medical Translation

Marketing Translation

Technical Translation

Business Translation

Government Translation

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Multi-format Support

Mars Translation accepts all major file formats such as PDF, TXT, HTML, MIF, INDD, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, RTF, RES, XLSM, ODT, XML and RC. However, you don’t need to worry about this much, as we can convert files as needed.


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Why Choose Mars Translation for Fast Translation Service?

Mars Translation is ISO and ATA-certified with over 30,000 translators in our global network. We can translate more than 230+ languages and our presence in all the major time zones allows us to offer on-demand translation services. No matter what the volume, time constraints, or scope of work, Mars Translation has the capability of handling it all.

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What our Customers Say?

Our customers are a testament of our professional translation approach


We have more than 10 offices globally in various important time zones. Our team has more than 30,000 translators. Hence we can complete your projects with tight deadlines, no matter the scope of work.

All you need to do is select your source and target language, and submit your files. Your project will be assigned to a relevant team almost instantly and the work will begin. You can also contact our representative for sensitive materials or matters.

We have protocols and standards to follow to ensure accurate quality translations. Hence we translate 200 words per hour to ensure quality. However, given our network of 30,000+ translators, you can get your documents on the same day if needed.

We offer both human and machine translation services. If you need a native industry-specific expert for fast translation, we have got you covered. Moreover, if you need instant machine translation, we have the latest machine-learning software to deliver good quality results as well. However, if you opt for machine translation, we advise you take MTPE services for ensuring accuracy.

We offer a fast turnaround of 2000-2500 words per day per translator. Moreover, we ensure that various translators are working on your project to meet the tight deadline for extensive projects. Hence, quality is never compromised for efficiency.

Yes, we can complete large projects in quick time. You can get a quote and timeline for your project when talking to our representatives.

Yes, we have a client-centric approach and understand that certain projects may need more time due to length or complications. If you believe that there is a high probability that this will occur, then let us know beforehand, so we can offer you an upfront timeline and an estimated cost.

The cost depends on various factors such as the length of the document, language pairs, and complexity. However, we don’t charge extra for fast translations. For details, please visit our Pricing page.