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Embrace The World With Professional Interpretation Services

In the world of international gatherings and virtual events, you can’t just do without professional interpretation services. Having a skilled interpreter on your side will help you foster mutual understanding with business partners, customers, and other diverse participants who do not share the same language.

That’s what we do. Our company draws on a large global network of native interpreters, ready to support you in a range of different scenarios. Whether you find yourself in a business meeting, seminar, conference, or personal phone call, our specialized interpreters will ensure your message always comes across clearly, crashing through all the linguistic and cultural barriers. The result is a productive and seamless interaction for everyone involved.

Our interpreters are seasoned professionals who:

  • Capture the true essence of every conversation
  • Help you enjoy a global reach in 230 languages
  • Have a strong understanding of complex dynamics that characterize fast-moving discussions
ASL Interpretation
American Sign Language

Language Interpretation Services For Global Connections

Imagine you’re in the midst of a high-stakes meeting. It’s a pivotal moment - every word you utter has the potential to propel your global success. But here’s the catch: a minor misunderstanding could send the whole show off the rails.

So, your message must surpass the linguistic and cultural intricacies, conveying the correct meaning with an unswerving impact. This becomes easy when you choose Mars Translation as your communication ally.

Through our expert language interpretation services, we’ll help you unleash the power of effective communication while reaching agreements with your multilingual partner or client.

You can take advantage of our interpretation services for various types of forums and settings:

  • Business presentations
  • Political speeches
  • Interviews
  • Corporate events
  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Exhibitions
  • Workshops
  • Phone calls and more.

Our Popular Interpretation Services For Global World

At Mars Translation, you’ll find professional interpretation services for just about any occasion. From in-person interpreting to video or phone-based solutions, we’ll provide you with a language service in 230+ languages that matches your unique needs and circumstances. With a skilled and experienced team of interpreters, we provide the best interpretation services all across the world.

Here’s why you should choose Mars Translation for your interpretation needs:

  • Professional interpreters
  • Onsite & remote services
  • Use of the latest technology
  • Cultural competency
  • Safe & secure process
  • 24/7 support
ASL Interpretation
American Sign Language

Consecutive Interpretation Services

In consecutive interpreting, a speaker generally says a sentence or two before taking a pause for the interpretation to happen. This makes it more like a conversation between two parties uninterrupted by the interpreter, which is why consecutive interpretation services are commonly used in business events and court proceedings.

As a top language services provider, we employ interpreters who are highly experienced in consecutive interpreting. With strong memory and excellent note-taking skills, our experts keep everything organized and interpret the said things with clarity and accuracy. Clients seek our consecutive interpreting services for the following formal and informal scenarios:

  • Professional interpreters
  • HR meetings
  • Medical consultations
  • Court hearings
  • Press conferences
  • Parent-teacher meetings
  • and more.

Simultaneous Interpretation Services

As the name may imply, simultaneous interpretation services require an expert to interpret what the speaker is saying in “real-time”. It’s also referred to as ‘conference interpreting’ and makes perfect sense in large group settings that include people with diverse linguistic backgrounds, such as the United Nations.

The highly delicate nature of simultaneous translation demands the expertise of professionals with relevant training. This is where we come in. Our simultaneous interpreters are experts at modifying live speech for your multilingual audiences. Whether you need remote or on-site simultaneous interpreting, we have the right resources and technology to support you for:

  • Diplomatic conferences
  • International conventions
  • Corporate training sessions
  • Board meetings
  • Courtrooms
  • and more.
ASL Interpretation

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American Sign Language

Telephone Interpretation Service

Telephone interpretation facilitates over-the-phone interpretation needs - the reason why it’s also referred to as over-the-phone interpretation. When time is of the essence or you want to solve distance-related problems, then a telephone interpretation service might save the day for you.

Based on your project and specific preferences, we enable you to hire our telephone interpretation services in multiple forms, such as consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. Though our phone-based interpreters can’t see the speakers, they make sure to not miss the context, thus conveying all shades of meaning. Our telephonic interpretation solutions are available for:

  • Multilingual conference calls
  • Appointments scheduling
  • Customer support lines
  • Travel assistance
  • and more.

Video Interpretation Services

Video interpretation services help overcome the same issues telephone interpretation does, such as when there is an emergency situation or the interpreter is located in a remote place due to the target language’s lack of popularity. However, video interpretation comes with the added benefit of visual elements, making the communication experience even better.

We provide video remote interpreting services for both sign and spoken languages. During interpretation, our video interpreting experts don’t just relay spoken words but also the visual cues and expressions of the speaker. Here are the common situations in which we can help you with multilingual video communication:

  • Immigration interviews
  • Legal depositions
  • Medical consultations
  • Technical support
  • Crisis counseling
  • and more.
ASL Interpretation
American Sign Language

Audio Interpretation Services

Audio interpretation is an AI-driven interpreting solution for videos and live streams. It enables live translation of your content in one or multiple languages, all at once. Your audience simply picks their desired language and they start hearing the interpreted audio, which becomes dominant on the original audio track.

Through audio interpretation services, Mars Translation allows you to supercharge your global outreach seamlessly. By providing the live audio translation of your content in multiple languages, you will earn the attention of international customers, including deaf and hard-of-hearing people. You can hire our audio interpretation solutions for the following scenarios:

  • Live broadcasts
  • Product launches
  • Govt. announcements
  • Online training
  • and more.

Escort/Travel Interpretation Services

Escort or travel interpretation means having an interpreter by your side who accompanies you on a foreign business or leisure trip to bridge the communication gaps you may encounter.

When you hire our escort/travel interpretation services, we’ll match you with a qualified interpreter who knows your target language, country, and culture. Our interpreter will become your trusted companion wherever you go, handling all the conversational flow between you and the ones you meet. They will help you navigate the waters of:

  • Business meetings
  • Client interactions
  • Sightseeing
  • Shopping
  • Exhibitions
  • and more.
ASL Interpretation
American Sign Language

Legal Interpretation Services

Legal interpretation services deal with legal and judicial matters where speakers use different languages. If you’re a global law firm, you’ll require legal interpreting to communicate effectively with your foreign clients.

Even if you don’t work on an international scale, you’ll still find yourself in need of a legal interpretation service, given the huge amounts of immigrants present in the United States of America.

With over 20 years of experience in legal interpreting, Mars Translation lets you choose from the most qualified interpreters in your industry, when and how you want their services. Our legal interpreters are adept at solving complex linguistic challenges in the below-mentioned situations:

  • Hearings and depositions
  • Attorney/client meetings
  • Legal debates & negotiations
  • Family law disputes
  • Immigration documents
  • and more.

Custom Interpretation Service

A custom interpretation service is a type of interpreting that’s designed to meet the unique requirements of a specific client or situation. These services come in handy when a project demands a combination of different interpreting services.

For instance, you may need a blend of simultaneous, over-the-phone, or medical interpretation. Whatever the case may be, our company has got you covered with customized interpretation services just for you. We have interpreters who have superb communication skills and many years of experience providing interpreting services in different modes and settings.

  • Technical workshops
  • Diplomatic negotiations
  • Legal trials
  • Media production
  • and more.
American Sign Language
ASL Interpretation

Your Message, Their Language. Start Interpreting Today!

Want to unlock global opportunities? Your message must be understood in the language your audience speaks. Our interpretation services enable you to realize the communication goals you may have in any language. Try our interpreting services now to ensure your message sails smoothly through diverse linguistic boundaries.

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