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Interpretation Services

Interpretation services are becoming essential for many businesses. As the companies are trying to expand their horizons and become brand in different industries, an interpretation service allows you to converse with your target audience without a language barrier. If you have an interpreter with you, you will not have to worry about putting your point forward and make the audience understand what your company can do for them.

Mars Translation Services has a wide team of experienced translators who provide this service in a multitude of languages. Our interpreters are trained professionals who have years of experience in this field. As all of our interpreters are natives, this leaves very little room for mistakes and allows you to converse with your target market without any hindrance. Our interpreters have the charm and the talent to localize your words and engage the audience for a better impact.

We provide four types of interpretation services. These are:

  • Escort Interpretation Service
  • Consecutive Interpretation Service
  • Simultaneous Interpretation Service
  • Remote Phone/Video Interpretation Service
simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous Interpretation

A Simultaneous interpretation service is perhaps the most difficult type of interpretation service. In this type of interpretation, the interpreter is sitting off to the side and is interpreting what the speaker is saying in real time. He or she would wait for a few seconds for the speaker to get started and start interpreting while he is just about to finish the sentence. But he has to keep his ear on what the speaker is saying as well. So he is actually doing two jobs at once.


  • International Conference
  • Press Conference
  • High-end Summit
consecutive interpretation

Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive Interpretation service is very different from your usual types of interpretation. In Consecutive interpretation, the speaker speaks for a long time and the interpreter takes notes. When the speaker takes a break, the interpreter then translates what has been said far. Usually the speaker takes a break when he has finished a paragraph of his speech and in the meantime, the interpreter will take copious notes and make the speech appear uninterrupted without breaking the flow.


  • International Business Conference
  • Business Negotiation
  • Academic Report
  • Seminar
  • Press Conference
  • Court Trial
remote phone video interpretation

Remote Phone/Video Interpretation Service

This is perhaps one of the most famous and most used interpretation services. If people do not want to have escort interpretation service, they choose Remote Phone/Video Interpretation Service. This allows them to communicate with their clients while there is an interpreter is live with them via a video call or via telephone. The interpreter will translate the conversation seamlessly for both parties via the chosen channel and make sure that both parties understand each other properly and clearly.


  • Technical Training
  • Video/ Phone
  • Video & Audio
  • Bilingual Hosting
  • Technical Visit
  • Exhibition
escort interpretation

Escort Interpretation

Escort Interpretation is pretty straightforward. If you are planning on travelling to a country where your language is not spoken, you can have an escort interpreter to accompany you wherever you go and become a bridge between you and your potential clients. This interpreter will handle all the conversational flow between you and your clients, they will accompany you to meetings, help you navigate the new country and even help with ordering food.


  • Travelling and Visiting
  • Business Trip Entourage
  • General Tour Guide
  • Exhibition Escort

Mars Translation Services has a wide pool of interpreters who have wide ranging interpretation experience. Every interpreter has the ability to provide quality interpretations to our clients on a moment’s notice and make you proud of your choice. Our interpretation service is available in more than 230 languages. Each and every one of our interpreters are tested, they have to pass a series of stringent exams before they are hired. Our interpretation services can be availed through our Interpretation Services page, you can email us at info@marstranslation.com or via our contact us page. You can also call us at +1 908 516 8877 for more details.

Requirements for different Interpretation Types

Item Simultaneous Interpretation Consecutive Interpretation Remote Phone/Video Interpretation Service Escort Interpretation
Bilingual Translation Ability High High High High
Strain Capacity High High Medium Medium
Industry Professional High High High Low
Actual Operation Time Over 5 Years Over 5 Years Over 3 Years Over 1 Years

Interpreting Services Pricing

Item Per Day Pricing Half Day Pricing
Video/on-call Interpretation $150—$200 / Day (8 Hours) $100—$150 Half Day (4 Hours)
Escort Interpretation $150--$250 / Day (8 Hours) $100—$150 Half Day (4 Hours)
Consecutive Interpretation $400-$800 / Day (8 Hours) $300—$500 Half Day (4 Hours)
Simultaneous Interpretation $700-$1000 / Day (8 Hours) $500—$800 Half Day (4 Hours)
  1. Working time under 4 hours is taken as 4 hours (i.e. half a day), between 4 hours to 8 hours is taken as 8 hours (i.e. a day);
  2. The quotation does not include accommodation and transportation.
Equipment Rental Services
A whole set of simultaneous interpretation equipment $500/Set/ Day

230 Languages, 2000 Industries Worldwide
2000 Senior Interpreters across the World for You

  Free Hotline: +1 908 516 8877 Mars Translation, Anytime, Anywhere


Complete Confidentiality Requirements

  • All materials interpreters have got in the work should be treated as occupational secret and they shall not copy or leak to a third party without permission.
  • Interpreters shall keep the entire information secret unconditionally, including business plans, financial statements, patent and other important documents of clients’ companies. This is a lifelong professional quality of every interpreter.
  • We have been providing top services in the translation industry for 15 years without incident. Normally, we would suggest signing confidential contracts for protecting every customer’s benefit.

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