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Argentine Trade Trends For A Boost To Your Online Business!


Argentine trade trends are just as unique as the consumers that live there. If you want to expand your business in the Argentine market, you need to know these facts. Here is absolutely everything you need to know to make it big in Argentina.

The Demographics!

  • Argentina has 43 million citizens.
  • Almost 60 out of every 100 citizens are Internet users.

Age Matters:

Age matters, especially if you want to become market specific about your product and services. It won’t hurt to know it, just sayin’.

  • 24.9% of the popular is between the ages of 0-14 (male 5,486,989/female 5,233,968)
  • 15.7% of them are between the ages of 15-24 (male 3,445,086/female 3,301,168)
  • 38.9% of the population is between the ages of 25-54 (male 8,345,893/female 8,391,445)
  • 9.1% of them are between the ages of 55-64 (male 1,895,965/female 2,017,330)
  • 11.4% of them are 65 and above (male 2,036,545/female 2,869,985)


  • 92.5% of the population is Urban with 1.01% urbanization rate.


  • 92% of the Argentine population is Roman Catholic of which less than 20% practice the religion actively.
  • 2% of them are Jews.
  • 2% are Protestants.
  • 4% belong to “Other” religions.

The Facts You Should Know!

  • Tending to the Argentine market is a lot more complicated since 2014.
  • Argentine consumers can now only purchase 2 items each year online from international websites.
  • They also can only buy $25 worth items from the international websites each year.
  • If someone wants to buy more, they have to register as importers with the Government.
  • Since Argentina has an educated and large population, business here is good and has a lot of potential.
  • It is one of the largest economies of South America with its 43 million population.
  • Despite the limitation on international online purchase, Argentine customers made sales worth about $3.1 billion, which is 48% more than the previous year.
  • 1.5 million Argentinians shops internationally online, so there is still hope for it.

Frequently Bought Items by Argentinians

Here is what Argentinians purchase from the websites they patron internationally.

  • Travel products (including hotel registration, tickets etc.) – 28.7%
  • Beverages and Food Items – 7.8%
  • Consumer Electronics and Accessories – 10.9%
  • Cellphones and Others – 6.7%
  • Home Supplies – 3.7%