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Brand Testing To Globalize Your Brand


Consumers are now days are increasingly concerned with product safety, with excess to the safe and quality reliable product as essential requirements for product purchase decisions. Brand testing is the important part of every industry manufacturers, retailers and importers, only to ensure product quality, safety and reliability, through out there global supply chain.

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To better understand this trend some researchers conducted the research on more than 5000 consumers in the top cities of United States, United Kingdom, China, India and Japan. The safety gauge study reveals that 47% consumers believed that consumer products safety is very important in 2007.

Today 63% of consumer strongly believes in the consumer product safety and this consumer product is predicted to increase to 68% by 2017. To meet the product safety expectations of the consumers manufacturers and retailers and importers, should routinely conduct shipment expectations.

Testing of consumer product and social compliance auditing and factory exceptions, obtaining consumer products certifications and maintaining certified management systems are equally important to ensure quality and safety.

The results also show that the 90% of consumers prefer products that are independently tested and certified for safety. Consumers are willing to pay 60% premium for products verified by the credible independent third party. So for manufacturers, retailers and importers, increasing product safety can result in fewer products recalls and avoid brand reputation damage.

In order to meet consumer’s product safety expectations manufacturers, retailers and importers need to focus on three important actions

  • Apply the product to purchase approach to consumer product safety.
  • Leverage on the value of 3rd party testing and certification.
  • Focus on prevention not damage control.

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Your loyal costumer would always purchase a variety of products from you every time. Provided that the service and product quality is maintained, and your brand loyal customers will never consider alternative supplies. Effective delivery is the part of the high-quality service of the product. The delivery is ok, if the product works straight out of the box and conditions of the packaging is still in reasonable conditions. The consumer always judges product quality when they use it; they examine the features and characteristics of a product, which determine its desirability. Before getting into the market you have to test your product for sure, to check that weather it will survive in the environment.

Mandatory testing demonstrates product quality and foster brand loyalty. For many products there are no environmental test requirements because testing is for compliance not quality. Where testing is specified it often address only the in use environment because the standards are slow to catch up with technology advances so the environment requirements may not be adequate. So in all of the cases choose to perform relevant tests for your product and distribution environment.

The list of factors of the product and the environments your product may see:

  • Bulk transport
  • Machine handling
  • Vibration and shock (wheeled vehicle, plane, ship)
  • Climatic environment (temperature, humidity, pressure)
  • Handling of Machines
  • luggage compartment (temperature, humidity, pressure, compression)
  • Break bulk package down
  • Repacking for dispatch
  • Individual transport
  • Consolidation bad ( impacts with random shapes)
  • Man handling

These are all categories your product examine while delivery. You have to be exactly sure about how you are going to deliver your product to the other place. Check out all the environmental condition, that’s why brand testing is required before the distribution. From the quality maintenance to the delivery all of the things are so much essential to guarantee your brand quality. To go global, you should recognize the challenges of global marketing and strategies of how overcome them. Look at the applications of competitive advantage in global context identifying the needs or not for product standardization.  There are two opposite factors to consider while globalizing your brand:

Factors driving to globalization:

  • The international flow of information
  • Increase awareness across boundaries
  • International spread of technology
  • Creation of products at global scale
  • Size of investment required
  • Economies of scale forces standardization
  • Reduction of trade barriers
  • Global blocs may force uniform strategy across countries in the bloc
  • Relative global peace/evolution of global market segments

Factor against globalization:

  • Customer tastes  and Cultures
  • Local market conditions
  • Global organizations can be difficult to manage
  • Management myopia
  • Pressure groups

When we examine any market in any country there are always four major things which are looked before getting your brand to that country.


Political and legal system may treat you difficult or easy in countries. There is different laws and different trade regulation; you have to do your research before you enter market.


Technology factor is the education, technology transfer and levels of training people have received. So to know all of these before entering into the market do complete research.

Socio culture factor:

One of the world’s major problem is the aging, language itself also be a problem, so to cope up these issues you have to do research again. You should do a research on the major services to fill up the language gap. There is different professional language translation services to help you out to translate different language to understand completely.

Economic factor:

The economic situation also varies country to country. Under economic factor, incentive, foreign trade, and currency exchange rates are considered very important.

These all globalization factors are considered when you are testing a brand to bring up in a market. Every little aspect is important to create the right environment for your brand to flourish high above in the business world.