It is an era of globalization. To be the part of globalization, it is essential to communicate in customer’s native language. To remove language barriers that hinder global business growth, several translation companies came into existence. Mars Translation is one of them. Which provides state of the art translation within hours.

We start working in 2002 and developed as an international leader in the translation marketplace. We have a pool of certified linguists who are also subject matter experts and provide you with premium quality translation in quick turnaround time and affordable rates. Strict quality measures are taken to ensure world class quality of translation. Our customers include renowned companies of Kuala Lumpur and across the world.

Our Certified Translation Services

Mars translation is providing state of the art certified translation services in Kuala Lumpur in various aspects for example legal technical, medical and business. Our certified translation services are done by subject matter experts who are giving multilingual support with translation memory at affordable prices. Our certified translation are gauged by our quality assurance department.

Mars translation assures that whatever translation document is submitted, it is accepted and is translated by our native certified linguists who are well aware of Localization. Stringent and seamless certified translation by mars translation is the strength in which company takes pride.

How much does it cost?

Mars Translation is providing state of the art translation and rapid results at the most competitive rates in the industry. Mars translation is using the Translation memory which matches segments that have previously been translated and use them again so that the clients are not charged again. Cost-effective pricing of Mars translation are according to different categories and languages pairs.

Why Choose Mars Translation

Mars Translation has a pool of certified native linguists and subject matter experts who are providing premium quality at affordable rates.

Multilingual support is given in different pairs of languages and furthermore We use translation memory which matches segments which are already translated and reuse them again to provide economical translation services to its clients. Certified linguists, excellent quality, affordable rates, fast turnaround, translation memory and multilingual support makes Mars Translation first choice of customers.

Medical Translation

As the result of globalization world has shrinked. This shrinking has developed many opportunities for people to get medical care and treatment in other countries.

If treatment is not available in their country and if they are looking for medical surgery option abroad than the need for medical translation arises. Mars translation is here to solve all your medical translation services requirements. Some of the medical documents which are being translated by Mars translation are 

  • Patient Reports
  • Physical Examination Reports
  • Test Procedures
  • Clinical Trials
  • Discharge Summaries
  • Medical Researches
  • Drug Packaging and Labels
  • Pharmacological Studies

About Kuala Lumpur

The capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL) is known to be an affordable and business-friendly city. Malay is the business language of Malaysia. Chinese language, as Chinese own more than 60% of Malaysian business. They also play an important role for Malaysian economy.

The third most frequent language used in Malaysia is English. Expats and immigrants who want to do business in Malaysia should ensure that they can deal with these languages. Knowing the cultural complexities and dialect nuances, Mars translation is providing certified translation services in Kuala Lumpur so what are you waiting for just log on to Mars translation and get its premium certified translation at affordable rates.