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10 Most Successful Translation Services Companies of 2015

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2015 was a good year for the people in the translation business. Things were on a smooth sail for the translation services and translators alike. The translation industry did well in the past year and that was mostly because many of the Professional Translation Services companies brought their best to the center stage. The days of using machine translations for everything are long gone.

In this day and age, people prefer things to have a human touch. People like to get everything they want in their smartphone or their laptops, but they want them to be as close to “human” as possible. Seems strange, but true. People want their “artificial intelligence” to be as human-like as possible. This is the reason why companies all over the world are coming to translation services to provide quality Language Translation Services that are accurate and correct.

Everyone admits that things get a lot better with a little human touch. And human Quality Translation Services proved that in 2015. There were some companies that were better than most, and their services and their clients spoke of their quality. Also check top translation companies of 2016

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Top of the line Translation Services

So without further ado, here are the top 10 translation services companies that rocked 2015 and laid a formation for the future translation services. Take a look at these service providers, note their names down and when you need quality human translation services, approach one of them because they can provide you what you need.

10. Foreign Translations

Top of the line Translation Services

Foreign Translations is perhaps one of the very few companies on our lists that actually supports other services including website translation and specialized SEO support. This business translation service provider is actually a favorite for the people who want to have accurate and quality translations that fit well with their business.

They support all major languages and provide the completed project in less than 24 hours (mostly). They do support multiple languages and industries, but they do not offer software localization services to their clients.

9. CLS Communication:

Top of the line Translation Services

CLS Communication is a Swedish company that started in 1997. It is a Lionbridge company, but they have held their own for a very long time. They have their own in-house pool of translators, but if you have any special requests you can ask them and have it delivered because they also have a huge pool of international translators. Their in-house team consists of 600 translators, while their external sources come up to 5000.

Apart from translation, they also offer copywriting services to the clients who want something new and edgy in their market. Their main area of specialization is finance and business, but over the years, they have expanded their reservoir and added many industries to their repertoire. Apart from financial translation services, they also provide services in life sciences, legal, insurance, utilities and telecommunication industries.

They have language experts and provide 24/7 services to their clients globally. They also provide desktop publishing services, so if you have any specific instructions, you can tell them and they will provide it. All in all, CLS provides a wholesome service that can be useful in many industries.

8. Net-Translators

Top of the line Translation Services

This is a language translation service that provides complete services to their clients. They localize the content, traditional translation and even provide SEO support to their clients. Their main domain of translation is mostly technical and they can help their clients with localizing the content. They mostly gyrate towards software translation other technical products like medical devices etc.

Again, this company is a little expensive and unlike others, their quotation process is also a little slow. Their team of translators is efficient and go out of their way to provide the best possible results. They provide their services in 60 languages, which compared to the giants of the industry is a little low. However, they do these languages justice and make sure that the quality of the translation is great.

They also offer certified translations to their clients in need, so they have a well-rounded repertoire.

7. Dynamic Language

Top of the line Translation Services

This ISO certified language services provider. It is a little more expensive than the rest of the companies in our line up, but their services are worth the extra price you pay for it. If you do not specify a deadline for the task, the translation can take up to 5 working days and that is saying something. But if you have specified a deadline, the task will be completed in the parameters that you employ.

They also have industry experts and language experts, so you can expect some high quality translations from them. Dynamic Language also provides localization services when you need them to make sure that your content remains original, yet at the same time it becomes native to your target market. Apart from that, Dynamic Language also offers other services like DTP (Desktop Publishing), designing and many more.

Plus, they are very efficient with their translation services for hearing and sight impaired people.

6. EDGE Translation Service:

Top of the line Translation Services

The EDGE translation service is one of the heavily reviewed translation companies and so far, they have stood the test and have remained in many top 10 lists. This company is an expert in business translation service and they have proved that as well. They also follow your deadlines religiously and make sure that you get the desired results in your specified time.

Unlike other translation services, they only offer their services in 12 languages. Apart from business translation, they also offer translation services in legal, marketing, education, and literary and certified translations. They also offer an online portal for their customers, so the process of project submission is very easy. Also, the online portal allows the customers to check for updates without connecting with the project managers and waiting for the email and having the project delivered to you without the hassle of waiting for emails.

EDGE Translation Service does take special requests and takes it time, but the end result is always good.

5. Babylon Professional Translation:

Top of the line Translation Services

Babylon is perhaps the oldest service provider on our list. This company has been in the game for so long that people come to expect great things from them and so far they have managed to do that. The best thing about Babylon is that it is one of those companies that provide competitive rates and makes sure that the quality of the translation is amazingly high.

Like Gengo, they too have a crowdsourcing system and hire translators from all over the world. The translations are accurate and very consistent. Although, it does not cater to all industries, Babylon does have expertise in legal, medical, business and technical translations. They also have a fast turnaround and the company also offers 24/7 around the clock customer services.

4. Gengo:

Top of the line Translation Services

This ISO certified company has been on the top for a very long time and they have managed to remain in the top ten translation services for through all the tough times. There was a time when Gengo was the best translation service. However, with time, this Japanese company has lost some of its edge. Nevertheless, it is still a force to be reckoned with in the translation industry and they have proved that they are still a crowd favorite.

They do provide translations that are accurate and very consistent. Many translators and clients also prefer them because they use crowdsourcing process to bring efficiency in their translation process. They provide translation services in many industries and 37 languages, so their repertoire is good.

However, one downer for Gengo is that they don’t make certification necessary for their translators. They do have their internal certification system, but external certifications are not necessary for Gengo.

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3. One Planet

Top of the line Translation Services

One Planet certainly is one of the most cost effective companies on our list. Their services are very cost effective and they make sure that their services remain affordable by using CAT tools to the best of their abilities. And even though they not as globally known as most of their competition, their services are solid and very efficient.

And unlike many of their peers, they provide services in many industries and domains. Plus, they have multiple languages in their gamut, which is saying something about a service that is not globally acknowledged. They not only offer SEO support, their technicians actually work with you to make sure that the localized translations One Planet provided are utilized to their full potential.

Their translations are on par and accurate. If a client requests something that is not mentioned in their offered services, One Planet actually provides the required service to the client in the said deadline. Plus, they also have an online portal that the clients can use to see the updates on their projects, submit more projects, and receive completed projects and request changes.

2. Mars Translation Services

Top of the line Translation Services

Mars Translation has quickly become one of the fastest growing language service providers in the world. As one of the fastest growing companies, they make sure that their translators are up to date and have enough experience to provide the clients high quality, accurate and localized translations. Mar Language Translators team consists of more than 5000 native speakers who have prior experience in providing quality services to the clients all over the world.

Mars Translation Service Provider, offers their services in more than 120 languages and 17 industries. Mars Translation keeps its clients at top priority and this is the reason why Mars Translation has more than 3000 language combinations.

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While keeping the current market trends and business individual needs in mind, This Certified Translation Services Agency offers a combination of six services that can be applied and used in many industries and niche markets. The main aim of these services is to provide high quality, accurate and localized translations that will benefit your business and your current goals. Mars Translation provides Document Translation Services, Interpretation Services, Website Localization, Transcription services, DTP, Proofreading, Subtitles and Voice-Over services. Mars Translation Services also has API services and its own app for both android and IOS.

Plus, their rates are very affordable. Every project gets its own project manager and the client can remain up to date about his or her project through the online portal or the API service. Also, their quote system is really fast. The client can immediately see the complete price of the project and how long it will take for the project to complete. Many of the projects are completed and sent on the same day. If the clients have larger projects and tight deadlines, Mars Translation can provide that.

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1. Straker Translations

Top of the line Translation Services

Straker Translations took the top spot of our most successful translation services companies in 2015. They have 20 global offices and a massive global presence through the Internet. They offer 24/7 customer support to their clients and offer translation services in many industries. Similar to Mars Translation, they are very efficient and proactive with their language translation services. Also similar to Mars Translation, many of the projects are completed and sent on the same day.

The quality of the translation was really good and very accurate. Any changes required are also made and returned the same day as well. They also offer DTP (Desktop Publishing) services and design services to the client to save their time. Although, some clients complain about having to re-fix and change the design of the translated document to fit the place it was originally placed in.

They have one edge over their competitors like Mars Translation Services is that they have their own software, which you can download and use to send and receive projects.

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Top of the line Translation Services

These were the top 10 best and most successful translation services companies of 2015.You can also check our top translation companies comparison 2016. They have laid grounds for the future and a better chance at serving more clients all over the world. So if you are looking for a translation services company for your next international project, make sure that you consider them before you hire anyone. Any of these companies is bound to get you great results, especially the top 3 companies on this list.

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