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Cyber Monday Fails – What Are the Things That Fail You


There are days when your services click with your customers and there are days when they don’t. Marketing is a trial and error kind of process that takes time to be perfected. But there are some days when you cannot afford to make mistakes. Cyber Monday is such a day when your marketing strategies should be spot on. However, there are at least 3 companies who fail their Cyber Monday because their marketing strategies were not good enough or they did not market their products the right way. Either way, there are some big don’ts that must be considered when you are working on your Cyber Monday marketing promotions.

The best way to ignore them is by making sure that you are aware of each and every type of mistake. We have compiled a list of Cyber Monday fails that must be avoided at all costs. Take a look at them and memorize them.

Make Your Sale Relatable

If your sale is not relatable, it not going to get a good result. Cyber Monday is a sale day for e-commerce websites and businesses, so make sure that the offer you place are related to that. Sending promotions and deal for paperbacks and software. Know if your industry and market are approachable for this kind of an event. If it is not relatable, it is not worth it to flush all your investment down a drain.

Make Your Website Safe

Perhaps the most inane mistake ever is not making sure if your website up and running and will be able to run when there are a lot of customers on your website. Many companies, even Amazon, has lost of millions of dollars because their website crashed and they lost a lot of sales.

You Did Not Research

Not everything can be pulled off my simply guessing. When you are joining an online sale giants like Cyber Monday, you need to do proper research and make sure that you have covered every detail before you make a plan. There is no way you can have a successful Cyber Monday without researching your market and knowing what your clients want.

No Investments Made

You cannot expect to have a successful Cyber Monday sale if you have not invested anything. A good marketing requires a little investment. That includes your time and your money. You need to make sure that your website and your promotions are getting the right attention and for that you will have to invest in some things like ads, graphics and even special banners that should look attractive and pleasing. So do not be afraid to spend a little money because that will come back to in double.

Do Not Spam

There is no point in sending emails after emails to your clients. Sending one email with the discount/coupon code and one as a simple reminder is enough. You do not need to send emails after emails every single to make sure your clients get your promotions and deals. Do not annoy them, encourage and interest them and you will definitely not do that by spamming their email.

No Man To Man Customer Services

On a big sale day like this, you need to make sure that your customer services is handled by competent and experienced people. However, at the same time, you need to make sure that there are enough people to help your clients. Do you have a Facebook page? Live Chat? Make sure that you have people handling them as well because the requests and complaints will be coming from all directions.

Going With the Flow

Here’s the thing, going with the flow is not good in every situation, especially in Cyber Monday marketing. Just because something works for your competition, it does not mean that it will work for you too. Your clients may have different expectations from you and you need to fulfill them. So make sure you check those wish lists before running all your promotions.

Forgetting Your Clients

Sales giants like Black Friday and Cyber Monday depend largely upon international customers. So ignoring their likes and dislikes is very much like a suicide. Having someone on board who speaks their language can help you through a lot. If you have a translation service provider, they can actually help you though promotions, sales material and even with your customer services. Translation services can actually help you a lot and this is the reason why these services are in vogue these days.

So be smart, make a plan and always hire a professional because their experience and input can help you in the hard times and help you achieve your goals.