Highlight the Different Benefits of a Successful Agricultural Sector


Agriculture is the means of cultivating animals, fungi, plants and several other forms for food, biofuel, fiber, medicinal and other products, that are used to sustain and enhance human life. This study of agriculture, known as agricultural science, has been greatly defined by the different climates, technologies and cultures. Since several decades, agriculture has been associated with producing basic food crops. Right now, agriculture besides farming also includes fruit cultivation, dairy, forestry, poultry and many more.

The agriculture here in Italy, is highly assorted with regards to its main characteristics, from intensive high farming productivity in the northern regions, to an extremely minor situation in both the mountain zones and the southern regions. 75% of the farms here in Italy, are functional in crops like olives, cereals, oil seed and protein crops, and some more in vineyards and different types of cropping. Those of you, who want to start a new business in agriculture, can take advantage of the Italian agriculture translation services.

All the information regarding agriculture is available in several articles and books. So, those who are not aware of the Italian language can make use of the Document translation. Agriculture plays a very crucial role in the economy of any country, it being the backbone of our economic system. The following facts can easily highlight the importance of agriculture in our country.

Source of Income

Agriculture is found to be the main source of income for a lot of people in this world. Approximately 70% of the people are directly involved with agriculture as a means of living. This high percentage is the result where non-agricultural activities have not been developed, to incorporate the fast growing population.

Supply of Food

The agricultural sector provides food for the different types of livestock. For example, the cow and buffalo provide food in the form of milk, meeting the basic food requirements of the people. Importing food grains has been very rare in the recent years but however; approaches to export are being looked upon.

Importance in International Trade

The agricultural sector plays a very important role in the country’s international trade. Products like tea, rice, spices, sugar, tobacco and many more compose the main items for exporting internationally. There is a huge increase in the international export only if the agricultural development process is smooth. Thus, helping to reduce high amount of payments and help save our foreign exchange. The amount saved can be well utilized, by importing other necessary raw materials and machinery, promoting the economic development of the country.

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Source of Raw Materials

Agriculture has always been the main source of raw materials for the leading industries like sugar, cotton, tobacco, edible and non-edible oils etc. Apart from this, many others such as fruit and vegetable processing, milling lentils, cleansing of rice etc also depend on agriculture for their raw materials.

Great Employment Opportunities

The agricultural sector provides larger employment opportunities by constructing irrigation schemes, drainage system and many other similar activities. This sector provides more employment opportunities to the labor force that helps in reducing the high rate of unemployment in many developing countries, which is caused by an increasing amount of population.

Food Security

A stable agricultural sector can ensure everyone total food security, since it is the main requirement of every country. Food security prevents dietary deficiency, which is believed to be one of the major problems that a lot of developing countries are facing.

Importance in Transportation

Agriculture is the main support for both the railways as well as the roadways, which transport the agricultural products in huge bulks from the farm to the different factories. Most of the times, internal trade is done on agricultural products. Moreover, the government revenue to a much larger extent totally relies on the success of the agricultural sector. 

These are just some of the few benefits of a successful agricultural sector. If for instance, you have any more questions relating to this issue, you can easily hire the Italian Agriculture Translation Services.