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The Do's and Don'ts of Shareholder Report Transcription


Shareholder reports have become a necessity for the international business, every shareholder has the right to know what has happened with the company and more importantly, the money they have invested. A shareholder report is pretty much the same as an annual report but there are a few differences. A shareholder report is more valuable because it has more information that is vital to the growth of the company.

Armenia is a country where companies have a lot of shareholders, even many international companies have their fair share of shareholders (pun intended). Instead of making a new version of your shareholder report in Armenian, why don’t you try Armenian Shareholder Reports translation services? You can even use transcript translation services that make the process even easier.

While using transcription services can make your job easier, there are a few things that you will need to take care of before you can send in your shareholder report for completion. Do not forget to add them in your report because these are the things that are either very important or are the things that your shareholders will be looking for.

  1. Do not forget to list your shareholders and members. If you have too many, it would not hurt to mention the names of your biggest shareholders.
  2. Do not use vague terms and words for your plans for the upcoming business year. Be clear and avoid using words that bring ambiguity in your report.
  3. Your Armenian Shareholder Reports translation service provider must always keep the cover of the report simple. It is not meant to be fancy and it should never be. Always go for a book cover style. It is professional and classic.
  4. If your firm gets a lot of donations, be very careful of who you mention and who you don’t. Always ask the donor if they want to be listed in the report or not. The shareholders like to read about such progress, however, if your donor wishes to remain anonymous, please fulfill their wish.
  5. Always be open about what you are planning for the upcoming year. Be specific and mention the things you are going to do and the steps you are going to take to make it happen.
  6. Do not worry about putting a lot of material in your shareholder report. It is okay to put less. You must always prefer quality over quantity. This is the reason why you must always hire professional translation services to handle your shareholder report transcription.
  7. Avoid putting pictures of landscapes. If you are sharing a future plan, it is fine, otherwise avoid it. Do not worry about beatifying your shareholder report.
  8. Do not be generic, always try be very specific, especially when you are talking about possible market risks. Your shareholders are your investors and they must be aware of the market risks.
  9. Make sure that your shareholder report in enticing enough to attract potential investors. To do that, you just have to mention the right information and don’t gloss over your financial facts.
  10. If you have added some research, cite its references and give credit where it is due.

Armenian Shareholder Reports translation and transcription will be very easy this way. If you provide this information to your chosen company, they will be able to complete your project efficiently.