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The lost Future of Electronic Media


This technological new world was started with the media revolution with the internet at the end of the last century. Old media has vanished and came up with new trends. New world has somehow removed all the restrictions, which were before at the old world, which react more restriction for copyright and new laws against unauthorized copies. At the same time free internet radio appears TIVO which is the internet television. It allows the viewers to avoid commercials, the wall street journal’s goes on line and Google launches Google news. Even you here different media dramas and shows in your own languages by using language translation services like Portuguese (Europe) electronic media content translation services.

Every day millions of people read newspapers written by thousands of journalists. The power of the masses a new figure emergence, the procurer, a producer and consumer of information, anyone. You were able to view different channels on Internet, blogs become more influential than the old media. Newspapers are released for free, and you got the best encyclopedia in the form of Wikipedia. In 2007 the life of magazines closes and the NYT sells its television and declares that the future is digital. To know new trends of media can also be known through document translation services like Portuguese (Europe) Electronic Media Content translation services.

Then the revolution in the digital world has gone to the peak of its advent. People are wondering what next, where these inventions are taking our media. It is most probably expected that in future people will see the 3d world of cinema all around in their living places. They could enjoy the 3d invention in more and more advanced form. Humanity will change in next 20 years through these new inventions in media. Technology is now the finding factor of our society.

Through the new media trends you will be able to visit several places from your room with the help of remote control or the mobile devices. Billions of devices and objects will be connected by internet. Soon technology is moving inside of us, becoming a part of us. Over lenses would be connected to the internet and the rays would travel through our blood stream fixing up our different issues.

Even different moods would be switched on and off by trigger different electronic devices into you while watching any movie or the show. This device will change your emotions like fear, anger, love, happiness and sadness etc. life would be magical abundant full of possibilities, because it is obvious that what makes us human were never change. Connectivity is like oxygen, you needed to live, even at the price of loosing over privacy. These exponential changes are unstoppable man and machine will converge. Portuguese (Europe) Electronic Media Content translation services are helping many advertisers to learn new aspects of media to cope up with future techniques. Studies have confused every human being that weather future changes would be beneficial or creepy to our world indeed where everyone would need to be amplified or augmented by these technologies.