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Translating Comic Books like A Pro! – Use the Ying Yang Effect


With great power, comes great responsibility and that my friend is the way to be. Being a translator is not easy, especially when you are working on things that require copious amounts of attention to detail like book translation services. There is a huge boom in translation right now. Since Amazon announced to increase its translated fiction section, translators all around the world are shouting with joy, especially the translators who provide Albanian Books translation services.

Translating comic books become a completely different ball game. But you know what? It is also one of the most enjoyable ways of working, especially if you like comic books. Translating literary books written in prose style are completely different than translating comic books. This is where the Ying Yang effect comes into play. You have something you love (that’s your yang), but that is a real pain to translate into your required language (this my friend, is your Ying).

So, how can you conquer that? How can you mix your Ying with your Yang? If you specifically translate comic books, you need to master a few things to make sure you capture the essence of the story and the clips. Comic strips become a little hard to translate because we have some uncommon words in it. It’s like a motion picture, but it is written down. We have the sound effects and the background music all rolled in words that make it unique and entertaining.

Here is what you need to do, anything less won’t do, but something more is encouraged. Take these tips as your Holy Grail!

A Sitting with the Author

Yes, the trends of Albanian Books translation are changing, but going back to the basics can’t hurt your chances of creating a great translated comic book. All the experts prefer to sit down with the authors, know what the comic is about and basically ask what they want from the translated material. However, use this time to understand your Ying. Tell the author what words do not have proper words in their target language, what might be rephrased and basically get their blessings to go ahead.

Eliminate Your Encounter with the Ying

Know what your weaknesses are? Good. Now try to avoid them as much as you can. There is no point in beating around the bush, you need to nail everything you can do, but try to minimize your editing time. You must read the text and know what could be an issue for you. Translate that part to the best of your abilities, but be very straightforward with the editor and tell him what he can expect from your Ying, because in this case, honesty is indeed the best policy.

Make The Comic’s Yang, Your Yang

This is book translation services 101. When you are providing French to English translation for any book or comic, you need to make sure that the essence of the comic remains the same. So embrace the comic, feel the power of the hero, know the thirst of the villain’s hate. This is the only way you can make sure that the essence of each character remains the same.

Embrace the Style

We all have to admit, comics have a style and a swag that makes them “cool” to read. When translating comic books, especially in French to English translation service, you need to make sure that the translation is following the style of the original text. Keep the idiosyncrasies in check and make sure you keep the essence of the character in your translated version.

Give Yourself Some Due Credit

Remember that a translator invests as much time in the comic book as the writer does. There is a lot of “you” in the translated version, so to complete the Ying and Yang effect, give yourself some credit when you complete the comic book because that is your reward to yourself.

Albanian Books translation can be a little tough because many of the words used in English don’t really have proper words for them in Albanian. So, always remember to discuss such things with your author or client and clear these things with them.

Keep these things in your mind and enjoy your action filled translating adventure.