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Translation Services Spice Up Reception using Creative Ideas

How Translation Services Spice Up Your Reception Using Creative Ideas?


Often now and then you dine out with your friends especially when there is any occasion like a birthday or any other event. When you go to any restaurant, the first thing you do is ask for a menu, just to check out what are the variety of main dishes, other side dishes, beverages and desserts that are available there. In most of the restaurants, there can be certain age-restricted sections for senior citizens where they can enjoy smaller portions of the dishes at considerably lower prices. Some of the menus can also include the policies about making ID checks relating to alcohol or even lost items.

In Thailand, there are several restaurants that take dining out to extreme heights. The accomplished chefs there prepare dishes with the ingredients of the highest quality and fresh from the Thai markets. Most of the recipes that are found in the menu are very old which have been authentically handed down from several generations. The others are new, creative and unique having numerous variations based on traditional themes. If you want to enjoy the best of Thai cuisine, make use of the Thai Menus Translation Services.

Menus often vary in the length and details depending on the type of restaurant. Some menus are hand-held and printed on a single piece of paper just like a document. So, those who can’t read or understand your language can make use of the Documents Translation Services. There is so much more to wedding foods than just chicken and potatoes. So, spice up your reception with some of these unique ideas.

Popsicle Cocktails

Having an ice cold Popsicle can make you feel very refreshing on a severe hot day. So, imagine an addition to your menu, with special flavors of lavender and orange crème’, that will not only sound delicious but also taste delicious.  Also ask your caterer to try out an old version for the adults, during the cocktail hour with your favorite frozen signature drink.

Make Your Own Food Bars

For a more casual affect, you can even allow all of your guests to be their chefs. Let them arrange their foods themselves in just the way they want. Since, Guacamole has always been a crowd pleaser, let your guests customize their guacamole with extra flavors like avocado, cucumber and also lime. If you’re planning a wedding and want to know more about how you can make your guest happy with the best menu, you can take help from the Thai Menus Translation Services.

Classy Carnival Foods

When you think about a carnival, what comes in mind is cotton candy, cracker jacks, funnel cakes and many other things. You can also add this carnival theme in your wedding planner and complete it including a popcorn bar for a late night snack or maybe even add on a fresh hot funnel cake cart.

Coffee Desserts

Try to keep your guest happy and out on the dance floor with their coffee-filed desserts. Also order espresso-edged brownies or even star bucks-coffee desserts, in order to entertain your guests. You can order drinks like Frappuccinos piled up high with homemade whipped cream. Including a few other caffeine options, such as chocolate milkshake shots or even flavored cream milk in your wedding menu can enhance your reception in a very elegant way.

Donut Bars

Think about something new and unique that you can add on to your reception menu. Guess what? You can still have a cake cutting ceremony even while cutting a stack of donuts. Serve your guest with the old classics like cream and jelly filled varieties plus new treats along like white chocolate and almond or coconut and mango donuts. For those people who are unaware of your language, even though they are living here in Thailand, you can help them by hiring the best Language Translation Services. Similarly, people being unfamiliar to the Thai language can use the Thai Menus Quality Translation Services.

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