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You Must Have These Locations In Your Dubai Tour Guide Goodie Bag!


When people visit the Pearl of the Gulf, they want to experience everything. They want to visit the scorching desert, ride a camel and visit Burj Al Arab. However, when they hire a tour guide, they expect to see hidden gems and places that are not glorified on the internet. Many of them might have an Arabic Tour and holiday guides translation with them, but a tour guide can guide them better than any Arabic Tour and holiday guides translation.

So in order to wow your clients and show them your talents, you need to know a few places that are bound to be a hit with your clients. You may already know these places, but you probably did not know that most of the tourists would love to visit these places. So what are these places?

Let’s take a look!


Bastakia Quarter is better known as the old Dubai. This rustic, beautiful place is the best place where you can take tourists and have them enjoy a Dubai they never expected. With Arabic translation services, things have become increasingly better. You can easily communicate with your tourists and show them Wind Towers and Majlis Gallery seamlessly.

Dubai Creek

The Dubai Creek is a majestic creek where your clients will see colorful boats and experience another side of Dubai that is less flashy and more naturally beautiful. The place is also rich in history, so do your homework before you take your visitors there. This is one place that is sure to get you a lot of brownie points (and a good tip) because it is simply beautiful.

Heritage and Diving Village

This is another place in Dubai that is classy, rich in history and beauty. The place is filled with artistic Persian style homes, a place where your clients can see the weavers and potters working their magic before their eyes and enjoy some local musicians and dancers who will entertain them. Your clients are bound to have a good time in this place because this is purely one of a kind.

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is a place where your clients can easily have a good time. They will definitely have a great time here because they can easily find quality interpretation services which will enhance their overall experience. Your clients will be able to easily interact with the people around them and even find people from their own country.

Wild Wadi

While most of the tourists already know about the Ferrari World, many of them would not be aware of Wild Wadi. This is also an amusement park, but this place is special. The place is based on an Arabian folk tale of Juha. This fun park has 30 rides and it is truly magical.

While having a copy of Arabic Tour and holiday guides translation might be helpful, it will not be enough to give them the complete Dubai experience. A tour guide himself can make a difference. He can make the stay personalized and allow the tourists to appreciate the city from the eyes of a local.