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About Client:

EPM is an event and media production company based in Singapore and Australia region. It was founded by Greg Eaton, the managing and founding director who established it as an event and project management company. Initiated in 1996, EPM now provides production and broadcast services for events in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Ordos, Indonesia, India, and Singapore. Having a mission of mobilizing competent teams for diverse projects and broadcast equipment and concepts, EPM specializes in corporate, sports and government events. Among the company’s clients are corporate giants such as Coca-Cola, Red Bull, Facebook, Vodafone, AIGP, and Electrolux.


The Challenge: Translating Event Proposal for China Formula 4 Championship

Having commenced motorsport career in 1984, EPM.TV (a broadcast service of EPM) has been producing and directing broadcast services for TV in Asian countries for a decade, with a special emphasis on China, where it has been producing motorsport for the past 13 years. The challenge was to translate an event proposal for broadcasting a motorsport race in China Formula 4 Championship. But this proposal was in English language and to be able to bid in the event, it needed to be translated from English into Chinese language. This proposal was for host feed in the championship that will broadcast the event directly for viewership in China and Asia.

For translating this proposal in addition to client scope and price list, EPM sought the services of Mars Translation to translate it from English to Chinese.


The Solution: Quality Translation of Event Proposal and Client Brief

As part of the event proposal, EPM also submitted a client scope and budget notes in English containing details of all the host feed and broadcast for the event. Mars Translation and EPM have worked collaboratively on some projects in the past as well and EPM appreciates the translated work by the expert translators at Mars who are professional at translating every type of content in a short time. The services offered by Mars to EPM were:

  • Proofreading of all documents submitted by EPM
  • Translation of event proposal, quotation of series graphics, and client brief from English to Chinese
  • Translation of these files keeping the fonts, numbers, and headings intact as directed by the client

Staying true to their reputation for providing quality translations and easing business processes, they translated the content provided by EPM in a short time and submitted them back to Greg Eaton promptly.


The Result: Broadcast Bid Submission on Time

By using the services of Mars Translation, EPM was able to:

  • Submit the event proposal to the concerned parties in a short period.
  • This will give them more time to consider EPM’s proposal as well as to ponder over the particulars of the broadcast.

Mars Translation was able to execute the translation so that EPM.TV could submit its request for live broadcasting one of the biggest Formula4 Championships. Bringing efficiency and opening opportunities for expansion of businesses has always been an aim for Mars Translation and it fulfilled its aim this time too—without any compromise on quality and efficiency.