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Amara is built by a nonprofit, 501c3 organization. Amara aims to disseminate services of video translation, captioning and subtitling. They are driven by the mission to reduce barriers to communication and foster a more democratic media ecosystem.


The Challenge: Maintenance of Class in Every Project!

Being a company established to provide video translation, captioning and subtitling services, Amara have many video projects for translation. So, Amara and Mars Translation have been in collaborative relationship for a long time. Amara provides a bulk of video projects to us – demanding steady supply of work with class in Japanese, French, German and English languages. It is challenging! Grabbing customer’s trust is easy, but in long collaborative alliance, it is difficult to maintain and sustain trust.

However, our professional team of certified translators are capable of capturing essence of the project and delivering every project with ‘class’ in short time. They are amazing people with amazing abilities.


The Solution: A Brigade of Expert Translators!

In order to cater with the ever increasing demand of video transcription, translation and subtitling i.e. output 7-10 video hours per week by Amara, Mars Translation has managed expert and native video translators for Amara’s project. These translators are not only certified, in fact, they have wide experience in catering video transcription, translation and subtitling. So, delivering excellence in every project is no not a problem for Mars Translation.


The Results: Beyond the Limits Growth!

Timely and the best possible services of video transcription, translation and subtitling provided by Mars Translation helped ‘Amara’ to assert credibility among their customers and grow their business beyond the limits.