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Greek Business Translation – The Right Way


Business translations are tricky and when you are translating them in a language such as Greek, things get a little heading. There are some things that every translator can do to make the translation process better, but here is the thing: generic tips and tricks are of no good in Greek translation. The quality translation services always go out of their way to make sure that their translators have every single resource to provide a great translation. However, the translators who work on their own do not have this advantage.

For the people who provide translation services on their own, here are a few golden rules that you need to keep in your mind when you are translating Greek Business documents.

  • Remember that most of the scientific or technical terms in English language are taken from the Greek language. So make sure that you do not confuse them. In fact, Greek is easiest when you are translating any technical document from English to Greek or vice-versa.
  • In case you cannot understand or recognize a Greek word, the way to understand is by diving it down. Break the word down, this way you will understand its meaning and provide a better and more accurate translated English word for it.
  • In Greek, the word “The” is used in three different ways. Because Greek language has three different genders (neuter, female and male), each gender has its own form of “the.” For male you must use “ο”, for neuter or any place use “το” and for female use “η.”
  • Be careful of the accents. Make sure that you use the right accents for the words or else, the meaning of the word will be changed completely.
  • Also, remember that in the Greek language, a semicolon (;) is used instead of a question mark (?), so be careful about that. This is one of the most common mistakes in Greek Business Translation.

Also remember that Greek alphabets and Greek numbers are the same, so be careful of that as well.  Keep these little things in mind before you start working and make sure you do not miss anything.