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Greek Document Translation Services

Mars Translation has over 20 years’ experience in document translation. Whether you need English to Greek or Greek to English translation for your documents, we have got you covered. Besides, we can seamlessly translate your content from any language into Greek. 
Mars Translation offers excellent quality, high accuracy, and easy affordability. Whether you need Greek translation for medical reports or you want a translation for banner ads, we are capable of providing both and ensuring excellence in terms of quality.

We cover multiple types of documents including:

  • Legal Documents
  • Literary Publications
  • Telecommunication Contracts
  • Medical Prescriptions
  • Academic Degrees
  • Diplomas
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Technical Documents
  • Driving Licenses
  • Marketing Plans

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Greek Document Translation Services
Greek Document Translation Services

Greek Website Translation Services

Whether you are starting a new business in Greece or planning to expand the existing one to the Greek-speaking market, it is essential to translate your official website into their local language. In this way, you will be able to communicate with your visitors and potential customers in a hassle-free manner.

The content in the native tongue leaves a pleasant impact and therefore, we suggest you translate your website into the local language of the target market. For providing you with a perfectly tailored Greek Translation Services for your website, we have multiple skilled, trained and certified Greek Translators. We are capable of delivering matchless Greek website translation services at an incredibly fast turnaround time.

Greek Medical & Healthcare Translation Services

Medical documents including patients’ reports, discharge summary, medical history, and lab results carry critical information regarding patients’ health and any minor translation error can lead to harmful consequences. You can not afford any negligence in this regard and therefore, it is better to hire a professional medical translation partner for your help.

If you need 100% accurate and swift Greek Translation Services for medical at affordable prices, we are there for you. Come to us and get certified Greek Medical & Healthcare Translation Services in a fast turnaround time.

Greek Document Translation Services
Greek Document Translation Services

Greek Business & Finance Translation Services

Effective communication is the key to make your business go global. For conveying your message clearly, it is better to use the native language of the target market and integrate industry-specific terms to enhance the impact of your message. For best results, it is important to take help from professional Greek Translation Services.

If you want to outreach to Greece for business expansion, Mars Translation can help. We have certified professionals with expertise in the Greek language, and we offer world-class Greek Business & Finance Translation Services at economical rates.

Greek Technical & Engineering Translation Services

Engineering industries often need professional translations for tapping into global markets. For communicating with foreign audiences effectively, it is better to use their native language. Remove the semantic barriers, translate your technical documents and get your intended message delivered effectively.

For best results, we at Mars Translation are providing seamless Technical and Engineering Translation Services in a range of languages including Greek. We know how to handle the complicated technical docs and use industry-specific terms to provide effective translations in a fast turnaround. 

Greek Document Translation Services

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Greek Document Translation Services

Greek Software & IT Translation Services

For those who are planning to outreach Greek markets for their IT and software products, Mars Translation has come up with wonderful Greek Translation Solution. We pay special attention to contextual meanings and enhance the impact of translated content by using relevant terminology.

Furthermore, we provide fast, precise and affordable Greek translation Services and offer amazing localization services to customize your software so that the Greek-speaking audience can have a user-friendly and pleasant experience. In addition to IT translation in Greek, we offer services in a range of other languages as well.

Greek Gaming & Video Games Translation Services

Translation and localization of video games and mobile games can be difficult. Especially, if you are not aware of the cultural sensitivities and regional preferences of new target markets, you may fail to make your mark. If you want to tap into the Greek gaming market, Mars Translation can help.

We have trained and skilled native Greek translators who provide immaculate and perfectly localized translations for all kinds of gaming content. We are committed to providing world-class Greek Gaming & Video Games Translation Services at market competitive rates.

Greek Document Translation Services
Greek Document Translation Services

Greek to english Translation Services

Want to translate your content from English to the Greek language? Need any help? We got you covered. Our native English to Greek translators are equipped with industry-specific knowledge which adds to our accuracy and reliability and we deliver seamless translations for all types of content.

If you don’t want the translated content to lose its impact, it is critically important to take assistance from the native experts. Therefore, you should choose Mars Translation. Moreover, we offer certified translations at a cost-effective price. 

Our Native Greek Translators

Do you need to translate your content into the Greek language? Aspire to enhance the impact of your translated content? Don’t worry, we are there for you. Mars Translation offers top quality translations into Greek for all types of documents and websites related to any industry.

Our skilled and qualified native Greek translators know the differences between ancient Greek dialects and Modern Greek verities and they deliver accurate translations in your desired version. Along with translating the text, we also tailor it as per the cultural nuances and regional practices to make the content effective.

Greek Document Translation Services


Mars Translation leads its services to multiple industries in multiple languages.


Mars Translation has 6000 plus translators from all around the world. Each of our translators is an expert in his/her own language with years of experience and practice in the specific field. Mars translation is providing excellent translation service and localization service in 90 languages. You can even choose among the various regional dialects. Once you sign up with Mars translation, you can be assured of having a native Greek translator for your work.

Mars Translation has clearly set itself apart from all the market competitors for the last 17 years. Once you sign up with us and compare us, you will the following differences; from the time of joining Mars to the moment of completion and in between you will have the clarity of your projects and will have a consistent connection, our integration of most advanced technological methods allow you to have your work in front of the human translators in no time, and our pricing is more reasonable and flexible.
At Mars Translation services, we ensure that your work quality is never compromised. We use the strategic method of combining human expertise with technology for documentation that guarantees a high-quality solution. This includes Translation memory creation, Key term extraction from Glossary, translation in Translation memory environment, User interface localization, and File integrity insurance. And moreover, our customer support team is always there to assist you in every possible way which adds to the value.
Mars Translation allows you to create a free online client dashboard where you can order translations, add preferred translators to your team, track your work progress, communicate with customer support, and sign-off on translations. Once you become a member at Mars, you get to experience various benefits, this includes purchasing credits and getting discounts as well. Our native Greek translators are experienced professionals who will perform the job in the best possible way.
At Mars we understand the importance of accuracy and timing, therefore we offer you to keep a translation memory along with a Glossary. The Glossary is a free way of ensuring quality, speed, and accuracy where you can keep the unique words and phrases which have to be translated in a specific way or not at all. The translation memory allows translators to see the words and phrases used the pasta and can help for future usage.

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