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What is ASL Interpretation?

ASL interpretation is the real-time conversion of spoken language into American Sign Language. It is a gestural language used by the majority of deaf and hard of hearing individuals in America and Canada. To ensure seamless communication with such people, ASL interpretation is important. And considering the complex nature of ASL, it is obvious that no layman can do it the right way. This highlights the need for professional assistance to ensure effective correspondence. And that’s where Mars Translation can help!

Our professional ASL interpreters are a bridge for smooth communication between hearing impaired people and spoken language. They listen to spoken language and interpret ASL for physically challenged individuals. Moreover, they observe ASL communication and translate it into spoken language where needed.

ASL Interpretation
American Sign Language

American Sign Language Interpreting Services

At Mars Translation, we’re experts in American Sign Language interpreter services. Our certified ASL interpreters know the ropes of both the spoken and the sign language. They work hard to ensure everything they sign or interpret is accurate and precise.

Over the years, we’ve built a team of ASL translators and interpreters who are capable of more than just translating signs into spoken words and vice versa. They are like pro linguists with a deaf heart.

With a strong grip on everything from daily routine signs to those complex ones used in schools, hospitals, and public gatherings, you can rely on them to address any special challenges at:

  • Court hearings and arbitration
  • Client meetings and conferences
  • Interviews and training
  • Medical consultations
  • Classrooms and more.

ASL Interpretation Services to Comply with ADA

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is an “equal opportunity” law for persons with disabilities. It prohibits discrimination and ensures that people with hearing impairments have the same opportunities as everyone else. For smooth functioning, it is crucial for American companies to comply with the ADA. You can use our ASL interpretation services to ensure your business is in compliance with this law.

With more than two decades of interpretation experience, Mars Translation has now become one of the most significant ASL interpreting agencies. We have a team of certified and highly qualified interpreters who provide interpretation while focusing on the smallest details. You can count on them to provide communication access to everyone.

ASL Interpretation

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American Sign Language

American Sign Language Interpretation

Mars Translation is a gateway for individuals with hearing impairments to communicate in the world with confidence. We provide professional American Sign Language Interpretation services for ASL to English and 230 other languages. Every interpreter is a native linguist with years of experience and impressive listening and speaking skills. They have a strong grip on American Sign Language and deep knowledge of the target language, making them your best bet for quality interpretation.

Here at Mars Translation, we accommodate individuals with hearing impairments through high-quality interpretation services in different settings. Our mission is to provide you with the best ASL interpretation services. When you hire our interpretation services, you get a quality interpretation of sign language with accuracy.

ASL Video Interpreter for Remote Accessibility

At Mars Translation, we ensure to overcome the communication gap for hard of hearing people using state-of-the-art technology and skilled team. In our team, every ASL video interpreter is highly trained to handle all types of virtual platforms, ensuring clear and precise videoconferencing interpretation. Our professional ASL interpreter services allow hard of hearing individuals to seamlessly interact and participate in:

  • Virtual meetings
  • Educational sessions
  • Consultation programs
ASL Interpretation
American Sign Language

ASL Medical Interpreter

We have experienced and highly qualified medical ASL interpreters. With subject-matter expertise, they facilitate communication between patients and healthcare professionals. By hiring our ASL medical interpreter, you improve healthcare accessibility for deaf or hard of hearing persons. With their specialized skills, our ASL experts ensure flawless interpretation in consultations, discussions, and appointments, both online and on-site.

Mars Translation: ASL Interpreting Services for Every Business

Looking for ASL interpreting services? We’ve got your back!

Mars Translation stands out as a significant choice for ASL interpreting for every business. From educational institutes to banks and retail stores, we have skilled ASL interpreters for all sectors.

Most of the times, we provide reliable ASL interpretation services for:

  • Government Offices
  • Medical Facilities
  • Public Events
  • Educational Institutes
  • Business Meetings

With field-relevant experience, our professionals interpret in ASL accurately, ensuring culturally sensitive communications with deaf people.

Wondering why you should choose Mars Translation for ASL interpretation? We prioritize customer satisfaction by facilitating timely and reliable ASL interpreting services. With our commitment to accessibility and rigorous strategy for interpreting ASL, we break down language barriers while ensuring effective communication. Choose Mars Translation for reliable and accurate ASL interpreting services.

ASL Interpretation

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A sign language interpreter is a professional who has the skills and expertise to ensure accurate and seamless communication between deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals and spoken words.

ASL, or American Sign Language interpreter, provides real-time translation of sign language into spoken words and vice versa.

You can choose an ASL interpreting agency by keeping these key components in mind:

  • Native linguists
  • Professional and certified translators
  • Subject-matter experts
  • Accurate and reliable interpreting services

The need for American Interpreting Services is constant in government offices, medical facilities, public events, educational institutes, and business meetings.

At Mars Translation, our team of ASL interpreters is highly qualified and expert. With industry-specific expertise and deep ASL knowledge, they are the best interpreters you will ever find.

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