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6 Major Characteristics Of 21st Century Learners


There is a large discussion over the topic of 21st century learning or learners. Most of the people are not well known to this topic in reality. Lots of people talk about the 3Cs, which are critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration. To learn in detail about these for components you can consult language translation services like English reference guides translation services to get the document translation services in your own language.

Here are 6 major characteristics of 21st century learners.

  • Develop Proficiency And Fluency With The Tool Of Technology: Students of 21st century should understand and extend his skills with technology used in the classroom and the world around them. Through this they would learn about technology and learn through technology in addition are able to select the most appropriate tools to address particular needs.
  • Build Intentional Cross-Cultural Connections And Relationships With Other So As To Pose And Solve Problem Collaboratively And Strengthen Independent Thought: today you face many questions and problems that we cannot solve individually and we also face the knowledge and products that we cannot create individually. A lot of research in product development test today take more men power than what is possible by one person alone. Being expose to opinion and norms outside our own helps to solve bigger problems and create bigger knowledge in products than what’s possible by one person alone. So collaborative learning and problem solving are the important part of 21st century learning. And it is important for 21st century learners to understand the ways in which connections support learning and to be intentional about creating connections and networks.
  • Design Share Information For Global Communities That Have A Variety Of Purposes: student in a 21st century must be aware of the global nature of our world. Design information to be shared and to be understood and distribute beyond their classrooms.
  • Manage, Analyze And Synthesize Multiple Flow Of Concurrently Obtainable Information: students in 21st century must be able to take information from multiple places and in a variety of different formats in different languages by taking help from English Reference Guides translation services.
  • Create, Critique, Analyze And Evaluate Multimedia Messages: student in a 21st century must be critical creators of multimedia messages
  • Attend To The Ethical Responsibilities Required By Complex Environments: students in a 21st century must understand and adhere to legal such as copyright values and ethical practices as to use resources and creating information.

These are the six major characteristics of 21st century learning and learners which you as educators must incorporate into your teaching out students learning. If you get successful in helping the students to become 21st century learner, you can easy bring your nation to another level of technological advancement. This is the great deal to help out your country you can also spread this 21st century learning techniques by using English Reference Guides translation services. These services would help you to communicate and to educate masses in the proper manner.

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