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Professional English Translation services

At Mars Translation we provide professional English translation services, one of the most popular and best-received services. We are experienced in translating all languages into English, or from English to other languages.

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English Document Translation Services

Mars Translation closely monitors the work of their translators and make sure that the work is being done according to the ISO regulations. We translate legal documents, promotional website or documents, posters or proposals. All translations are completed by professional and experienced native English translators. We customize every translation to meet the localization needs and support almost every document format.​

document translation services

We translate the following types of documents:

  • School certificates
  • Achievement certificates
  • Employment certificates
  • Business certificatesSchool certificates
  • Employment contracts
  • Employment guidelines
  • Employment reports
  • Emails
  • Letters of requirement
  • Legal letters
  • Driver licenses
  • Operational licenses

Professional English to Arabic Translation Services

The English language is the official language of communication and correspondence across the world. But not everyone understands or speaks English. There are more than 107.95 million people who speak Arabic as their first language, so it is essential to offer translation services from English to Arabic and vice versa. Thankfully, Mars Translation delivers the best solution to obtain an accurate English-to-Arabic translation of all content. At Mars Translation, our certified and professional English-to-Arabic translators understand the importance of providing accurate translation services.
Our comprehensive and extensive English to Arabic translation services cover a huge range of content, including documents, websites, software, video game subtitles, and e-commerce platforms. With two decades of experience in delivering error-free translation services, we ensure every company with an eye on the Arabic-speaking market can expand its operations without any difficulties. Moreover, our certified native Arabic translators make sure no content is left untranslated in the translation projects, thus ensuring that the Arabic-speaking countries are captured and targeted in the correct way. We specialize in delivering professional and standard translation services in the Arabic language to enable companies to gain a strong foothold in Arabic-speaking regions for better profits and returns.

English Website Translation Services

English website translation is proving to be the bulk work of the language translation market. Every customer requires an English translation services to meet the needs of their market and not stagnate under the market pressure. We only hire native English translators who are experienced in this area. After years of experience, our clients enjoy working with us and appreciate our efficiency. We translate educational websites, company websites or online sales websites and support all selections of formats.

English Interpretation Services

Mars Translation provides professional English interpretation services. We interpret conference, face-to-face meeting or video calling. We are experienced in all functions and styles of speech, and we localize the content to meet the needs of both parties. Our interpreters proudly present the image of the speaker and Mars Translation with dignity and utmost respect.

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