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English Document Translation Services

Due to globalization, the need for document translation has increased for businesses. Our translators follow the ISO regulations throughout the translation process. We translate legal documents, promotional websites or documents, posters, or proposals. All translations are completed by professional and experienced native English translators. We provide translation services for non-English speaking families. You just name the language and we are here to assist you.

English is spoken by 1.5 billion people in the world and it is the 3rd most spoken language. Only its native speakers are more than 373 million. Our English document translation services help our clients complete the localization and translation of their business and legal documents.

We translate the following types of documents:

  • School certificates
  • Achievement certificates
  • Employment certificates
  • Business certificates
  • School certificates
  • Employment contracts
  • Employment Reports & guidelines
  • Emails
  • Letters of requirement
  • Legal letters
  • Driver licenses
  • Operational licenses

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English (US) Document Translation Services
English (US) Document Translation Services

English Website Translation Services

We provide premium quality English translation services to businesses that want to translate their website content to target foreign markets. Whether you need Spanish to English translation services or Arabic to English translation services, we help you to translate your website in order to make it understandable for foreign audiences. Our professional English translation services cater to the needs of our clients to elevate their business in the global market.

We hold years of experience that prove our trustworthy translation services. We translate educational websites, company websites, or online sales websites and support all formats. Our English website localization services localize your websites to make them adaptable for the target audience.

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English (US) Medical & Healthcare Translation Services

To upgrade the standard of human health, it becomes more than necessary to impart medical information to people. Medical and healthcare translation services translate various medical documents in different languages that enhance patient care. At Mars Translation, we help you to understand complex medical terminologies in your language. For instance, if you need Russian to English translation services, we feel proud to tell you that we are skilled in that as well as 230+ languages.

We make sure that our English language translation services efficiently localize and translate medical documents and procedures for the diverse target audience. Our native translators are skilled in their work, hence providing extensive experience to our clients.

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English (US) Document Translation Services
English (US) Document Translation Services

English (US) Business & Finance Translation Services

To earn a reputed brand image, global companies require business and finance translation to translate their business and marketing-related documents. Mars Translation understands this need and provides efficient translation services by native English translators who are aware of the business jargon.

Our certified and professional linguists can provide translation services in multiple language pairs, such as English to/from Arabic translation, English to/from French translation, English to/from Spanish translation, English to/from Portuguese translation, and English to/from Creole translation, among many others.

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English (US) Technical & Engineering Translation Services

Technical and engineering translation is necessary for the translation of your technical documents, blueprints, and user manuals. Here, We ensure that these documents are accurately translated with the help of our English translators.

As English is an international language, technical industries require certified English translation services to make their mark in the international market. We have years of experience in the field, and ensure the confidentiality of your technical documents.

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English (US) Document Translation Services

English to Arabic Translation Services

English is the official language of communication and correspondence across the world. Despite being the most spoken language in the whole world, there is a majority of people who don't understand English. There are more than 109.66 million people who speak Arabic as their first language, so translation services are essential to cater to this large audience.
Mars Translation delivers the best English to Arabic translation services. Moreover, our team of certified translators also provides Arabic to English translations in a very short time.

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English (US) Document Translation Services

English (US) Software & IT Translation Services

In order to maximize global expansion and minimize bug reports, the IT industry requires efficient software and IT translation services to satisfy users. Our English language translation services provide you with that facility. It means that you don't have to worry about the quality of translation because that is our specialty. In need of Chinese to English translation services or English to Chinese translation services? Mars Translation is what you need as your translation partner.

We provide fast and precise translation for all IT-related documents, such as API documents, user guides, fixing bugs, and many more. This helps your business seek an enhanced user experience.

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English (US) Gaming & Video Games Translation Services

Due to the constant enhancing demand for video games, translation in this industry is now a necessity. Mars Translation understands this surge of translation and delivers accurate English video game translation for the international gaming audience.

We also deliver English voiceovers and subtitling for the audio content of video games to make it comprehensible for millions of English speakers. We satisfy our clients by catering to their requirements in no time. Our top-notch translations take your video games to the next level by localizing the whole gaming experience.

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English (US) Document Translation Services


Mars Translation leads its services to multiple industries in multiple languages.


Mars Translation offers very economical game localization solutions. The total charges depend on the language pair, the project’s complexity, and the content word count. For details, you can visit our ‘Detailed Pricing’ page.
Mars Translation is an ISO-certified translation service provider with years of experience in legal translations. We have top-class English translators and provide exceptional-quality results by following strict quality control procedures
Mars Translation is a reliable source for technical translations into over 230 different languages. We have the expertise, knowledge, and skills required to provide crisp and accurate technical translations, and you can count on us for quality results at reasonable rates.
We offer seamless translations at the fastest possible turnaround time. The total time needed depends on your content’s complexity and overall word count.

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