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Certified Translation Services in Pune

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Pune, also known as Puna, is the second largest city in the west-central Indian state of Maharashtra. It is the ninth most populous city of India with an estimated population of 3.1 million. Dubbed as the “Queen of the Deccan”, Pune is the cultural capital of Maratha people.

Being a seasonal capital of Bombay presidency in the past, the city is a sprawling hub of tourist resorts, historic monuments, hotels and businesses. The most commonly spoken language in Pune is Marathi, followed by Hindi and English.

Expanding and taking the business into this populous city of India may have its own set of challenges but once the companies have successfully set foot in this city, there is no looking back.

Having a diverse population belonging to different nationalities and cultures, the city is one of the most lucrative markets of India with commercial businesses and ventures ready to make an impact on the population.

If you are a startup business looking for an entry point in India, Pune will be one of the ideal choices for you as the city holds immense promise of business expansion due to its population and business environment.

If you own a business elsewhere in the world and are seeking to diversify in the Indian market, Pune might be one of the best options. In both the cases, your company will need to employ the services of a trusted and certified translation partner to make the business transition smooth.

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This is where Mars Translation comes in.

Why choose Mars Translation?

Mars Translation is a leader in the translation and localization industry with a global presence in 6 major commercial cities of the world. Established 17 years ago, the company has a certified army of 5000+ expert linguists who translate into more than 120 languages.

Other than being in the translation and localization business, Mars Translation proves to be one of the best choices for businesses seeking to expand in Pune due to the following reasons:

Wide Range of Services

Mars Translation is not just a translation company. It has a portfolio of a wide range of services for localization including software, games, websites, E-commerce, and document translations. Additionally, it has delivered translations for industries in manufacturing, machinery, electronics and home appliances, medical and healthcare, and retail.

This wide range of services is what sets it apart from other translation agencies.

Streamlined Translation Process

Working with Mars Translation as your translation partner, you don’t have to worry about any lags or inconsistencies in the translation process due to its streamlined workflow and translation support.

The localization and translation experts of Mars understand the complexities of language translations and are present 24/7 to lend any translation support to its customers.

Faster Turnaround

In most cases, the companies seeking to localize themselves in another market face the challenges of delayed localization of their valuable content, but that’s not a problem with Mars Translation.

The linguists of Mars Translation have delivered translations of more than 30,000 documents before the assigned completion dates. This fast turnaround of projects makes it even easier for companies to translate their content into other languages.

Cost-Effective Translation

The pricing structure offered by Mars Translation is flexible and affordable, with standard prices starting from as low as $0.044. When the companies are planning to localize and expand in foreign markets, managing costs can be a bit of problem.

That is why Mars Translation offers an affordable translation of all content in minimal time. With Mars Translation, businesses do not have to worry about costs.

Quality Certifications

Backed by the support of expert and native linguists, Mars Translation holds a number of quality certifications to its name and is ISO 9001:2008 certified, holding credible certifications from GALA. The company abides by the GDPR compliance and delivers quality translation services to its customers belonging to a wide type of industries including retail, manufacturing, healthcare, games, electronics, home appliances, and E-commerce. Furthermore, Mars Translation provides free consultation services to its valuable customers 24/7 for any localization and translation support.

Final Words

Pune is a highly lucrative market of India and provides exciting prospects for businesses seeking to localize themselves in the Indian market. Mars Translation, being an expert in the field of localization and translation understands the complexities involved in the translation process.

With Mars Translation as a localization and translation partner, businesses across the globe can be assured of a seamless and hassle-free translation process of all their content—quickly and efficiently.