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5 Questions to Ask a Transcription Service Provider

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You need a transcript for Assamese Audio- guide’s translation, but you have no idea how you are going to do it! A friend has recommended that you hire professional transcription services, but you are confused. How should you do that? You have not done this ever before in your life. And now it’s a big responsibility on your shoulders to hire just the right person for an accurate transcript of your Assamese audio- Guide’s Translation. This article will provide you with a guide to go through the process and some questions that should be asked before you actually hire the transcript translation services, so that the overall process becomes comparatively easier and less mind boggling for you.

Question 1: Who will do the transcribing?
It is very important that you know who is going to transcribe you Assamese Audio-Guide’s Translation. If you are thinking of hiring a firm, ask them how where will the transcribing process take place and who will do it? Will they be using software to do the transcription, or will it be done manually? Assamese Audio Guide seems like a large document. You need to ask the firm whether they will leave the job for one person or will they be splitting the work between many transcribers? If you need the transcript on urgent bases it’s important that the firm hands the job to multiple transcribers.

Question 2: What are the rates?
Finding about the rates of the transcription service is important. You need to make everything clear before you hire the firm.  Is the firm going to charge you more for an urgent project? Are there any hidden charges? Maybe your audio has a poor quality, will the firm charge you for that as well? Make everything clear before so that when the time of payment arrives you don’t get surprised by all the additional charges.

Question 3: Can they meet the deadlines?
 It's important that you talk about the time that will be taken to complete the project beforehand, especially if it’s an urgent one. Does the company have capable transcribers who can do good transcription even on urgent bases?

Question 4: What is the experience of the company?
Experience matters. No matter what everyone says, when it comes to transcribing a document, you need to know this as a fact that experience brings expertise. Is the company experienced enough to do the transcribing? Since when are they doing the transcribing? Have they started offering the services recently or have they been doing it since quite some time now?

Question 5: What languages can they transcribe?
You need your transcription in Assamese. Does the firm have people who can transcribe in this language? Also can they transcribe audios with, many speakers in it? If yes, how much will they charge for it?

Transcription is a difficult job and it’s important that you hire professional transcriber who knows what he is doing. Otherwise an unprofessional transcriber can land you in a mess. Make sure that you hire a professional and qualified transcriber so that your work is done properly and without any errors.