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Top Robotic Archives Of 2024


Every year there seem to be a new innovation, which makes our life easier, for more complicated for the less technologically inclined. For this installment here are some of the future technologies discussed with anticipated concept that can actually do some good. China is the world largest economy which has embarked some impudent efforts with an advancement of robots. Chinese government has built a vast platform for the technical workers at their factories to raise their wages and improve the technology. Although china is not very advanced in technology but the new revolution in robots made its name in the world.

Chinese prefer high up to the language translation services to communicate to the world. Even they have used Chinese Simplified (Mandarin) resource files translation services to translate different resource files to indulge different languages into their robotic technology. Now days the technology has been so advanced that robots have been ingested with human behaviors, expressions and feelings.

Here are top robots discussed introduced in this new era.

Chip dog robot

For ages dog has been the man best friend, but now the new best friend of man is introduced as chip. Chip is the robotic dog that is much more than the cool gadget. It is an interactive pet, which greets you at the door, with the smart band chip recognizes its owner and shows affection to them when near.

Chip is obedient and it is caballing of learning several things so you can also instruct him tricks. It is a connected experience; he also has a translator to understand its thoughts. To get the translation in your own language document translation services like Chinese Simplified (Mandarin) Resource Files translation services help you to get the resource files translated into yours.

Honda Asimo

This robot is created by Chinese company Honda R&D, which recognizes human, faces and shows ways to humans in the company, where to go. It converses by using artificial intelligence, understands multiple utterances, fetches the drink, and decides what to do without human control. It converses in different languages as Chinese inaugurated them the computerized mined of robot with several languages by translating its resource files by using Chinese Simplified (Mandarin) Resource Files translation services.


Kokoro company ltd in China introduced the Actroid robots which have human heart. This robot is more similar in movement and looks to human in the world. As human being is more flexible creature in the world, there are possibility they will accept to live in harmony with new robots and androids.  

The interesting thing is developing robots ends up being about human. Brains for instance and characters because researching robots is equal to the understanding of human being. In the future it is expected that anybody can be able to operate the software, movement and voices of robots and they would be sell publicly for multiple use. Robots can also become the form of communication; it can be your translator in future. So wait for the big revolution coming ahead in the form of robots, which has begun now in 2024.

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