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Immigration Documentation Process In Australia


Immigration paper work can be stress full or even scary. If you have seen the government forms, you know how confusing they can be, filled with questions that often difficult to understand, even the instructions are long and complicated. The question arises where can you take help from to understand those documents, you could call the government for help. All you need to be patient, you could find yourself spending lots of time punching numbers and listening to recorded messages. One simple mistake can bring you to the rejection from the government and you lose possible time. Possibly you get harder on money and it could even affect your family.

To make your life easier language and industry translation services for example Police Clearance certificate Translation Services in Australia are available to understand completely the immigration documents like this used to translate police clearance certificate. There is other online certified translation services agency, which will help you to understand all legal documents.

Police clearance certificate:

A police clearance certificate is another name for police certificate. It is the informational document needed at the time of immigration and contains information about the clearance of your criminal record from the police department.  In each country there are specific requirements to provide you a police clearance certificate. In most of the cases after contacting police or the government where you live to make a request, you may have to provide informational document such as photograph, fingerprints, and address and payment fee.

You must provide a police certificate from your home country and from each country where you have lived since the age of 16 and provide a certificate where you have lived more than 6 months even if it’s just another city in your country. This is mandatory and it doesn’t matter whether you do have some crimes or not, you must provide that certification.

 If you live in Sydney, you can obtain a foreign police certificate from the foreign consulate. Contact them and for a fee they will provide you a certificate. If you right now live in Sydney and have lived in Melbourne and Brisbane. You need to contact Melbourne and Brisbane consulate and they will provide you certificate.

Process to get Police Clearance Certificate: 

Before you enter your interview you must also obtain police clearance certificates. Every immigrant visa application should put forward a police certificate from every country where he or she has resided for at least 6 months after turning 16. This includes cumulative time in the country.

For example if you were a student in Darwin for four semesters, even if you have left the country every 3 months, you will still need a police clearance certificate as your total time in the country exceeded 6 months. Some countries require specific form of properly request and obtain a police certificate. Present and former resident of Adelaide do not need to obtain any Adelaide police certificate.

Contact to your local police department nearby you lived or lastly lived. Request the police department to search completely about your criminal record and provide you the proof of the clearance of your criminal record. It is mandatory for you to give your physical appearance at the police department otherwise it would be impossible to get the record search done.

You can also take help from the Professional Documents Translation Services Agency to get your police certificate translated into your required language like Police Clearance certificate Translation Services in Australia can be used by Australians to translate police clearance certificate while migrating to Hobart.

Importance of police certificate:

It is very important to bring all necessary original documents to your visa interview. If you did not provide the National Visa Center with all requested original documents, or certified copies and one photocopy, provide them at your interview. If you are completing your case using electronic visa processing meaning you provided the NVC with scanned copies via email, you must present the original documents. If in doubt, bring the original document to the interview, along with the photocopy. The originals will be returned to you after interview.

Medical exam for immigration:

Ever immigrant visa applicant, regardless of age must undergo a medical examination, which includes a review of your medical history. A medical exam must be taken by the approved panel physician. Your exam results are usually provided in a sealed envelope which has to take with you on the day of the interview. Do not open up the envelope, you may keep the X-ray and the vaccine records for your own references. These documents are usually on a CD.

How to avoid common mistakes in immigration case?

Laying to immigration:

Not telling the truth, this is known as misrepresentation in immigration law. If you lie to the immigration visa application, you could be wedged with a lifetime bar to any immigration benefits from the misrepresentation. There is limited waiver available to those who are married to Perth citizen for permanent resident.

Claiming to be a Canberra citizen on a job application:

The most common scenario of making a false claim to a citizen of specific country status the cars at border,  tries to use a fake state or certificates to enter Canberra or showing a Canberra passport of a family member trying to pass off the passport as their own, these do counts as false claims.

Failing to keep copies of documentation:

You need copies of a file immigration can take many years to produce the requested file. This longer waiting period to get a copy of your file could eliminate chances of opportunity.

Sending documents to immigration or the court without proof of filling:

This is especially important such as responding to a request for evidence in time. Before sending any documentation to immigration via certificate mail or FedEx or another way, you should track the package.

Failing to hire a competent immigration lawyer:

Immigration often go to notaries who are unlicensed document prepares, because they think that are less expensive and attorneys. Most of the time, these notaries charge as much as attorneys but cannot represent you in court.

The information mentioned above is the lifetime guaranteed immigration guidelines you must follow.