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Contract and Legal Translation Services

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Professional Software Localization Services to Boost Your Global Growth

Software localization includes more than simple content translation from one language to another. In order to make your mark in the international markets and deliver a more pleasant user experience, you need to localize your software by integrating socio-cultural aspects in addition to a language transformation. And that’s why you need professional software localization services.

Here at Mars Translation, we specialize in software localization. Our team of native linguists and localization experts work with special attention to detail and make sure your software is user-friendly for the target audience. All the graphics, color scheme, contents, and the interface is tailored to make your software ready-to-use for a broad range of audiences that helps grow your revenue,

boost your global growth
global success

Software Localization that Ensures Your Global Success

Business success is all about staying relevant with your audiences, this is exactly what we do. For us, software localization goes beyond accurate translations. We make it culturally appropriate and emotionally sound to keep the spunk alive. Mars Translation helps its clients localize their products in every single language, for any market. With professional translators around the globe, we get your product in front of international customers.

Our software localization services are tailored to fit the parameters of your product, as we understand the linguistic, socio-cultural, and technical needs of your target market. So be it your website content, mobile app, or video scripts, we’ve got it all covered for you.

We translate all contracts and legal content

Legal translation is a highly skilled and sensitive field of translation that requires a specialist approach for localization and translation. Accordingly, legal translators must possess a thorough knowledge of legal terminology and concepts to ensure a seamless translation delivery of legal projects for globalization.

Mars Translation’s expert linguists are proficient in delivering certified legal translation services. Using their multilingual translation expertise as well as knowledge of legal practices and contractual terms and regulations, these translators make sure that all legal and contract-related terms and files are translated on time at the most affordable rates and high quality.

  • Employment contracts
  • Business contracts
  • Legal procedures
  • Criminal case files
  • Due diligence documents
  • Court proceedings
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Construction contracts
  • Affidavit translations
  • Litigation documents translation
automotive translation services document image
automotive translation services document image

Contract and Legal Translation Services

With the expansion in businesses across the globe, the need for a regulatory and legal mechanism is also increasing, paving the way for legal and contracts translation services in order to cater to the needs of global legal regulations.

Mars Translation’s legal and contract translation services are especially tailored to meet the needs of customers who seek translations of their legal documents for the purpose of contract negotiations and legal proceedings. Our expert linguists, proficient in executing certified legal translation services, regularly handle legal documents translation services of confidential nature. They understand the critical implications of translating these legal files and contracts, and therefore, are equipped with the right knowledge and expertise for delivering efficient and secure legal translation solutions:

  • Quality Certifications: Avail quality translations of your legal documents and contracts through our ISO 9001: 2008 certifications and quality compliance
  • Cost-effective Translations: Enable access to global audience through our affordable and market-competitive rates of translations without any hidden charges.
  • Expert Linguists: Get your legal documents and contracts translated through our expert and qualified linguists having knowledge of global laws and regulations.
  • 24/7 Support: Guarantee round-the-clock support for your legal and contract translations by our language and customer support executives
  • Multilingual Access: Translate your legal documents, web pages, software, and files in more than 100 global languages and in the format of your choice

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Mars Translation is a localization and translation agency having an almost two decades’ worth of experience in translation and localization services. To get your legal documents translated, simply fill our quotation form or talk to our localizations experts for free in case of any query.

At Mars Translation, certain rules and performance metrics are routinely followed to stay ahead of the competition. Our 5000+ linguists are qualified to handle projects of complex nature as well as technical documents. More than that, our translations are the most affordable and competitive among our translation competitors. With Mars Translation, you can be assured of a reliable, accurate and expert as well as certified legal translation service for your projects at cost-effective rates and faster turnarounds.

Mars Translation, being a translation and localization expert lends its services for international customers and companies. That is why it is considerate of the cost constraints that these companies and individuals face when planning to go global. As a means to reduce this cost burden, Mars Translation offers affordable and market-competitive rates to its customers, with standard rates starting from as low as USD 0.044, with no additional charges or hidden fees.

Accuracy and quality are two principle elements that Mars Translation delivers for its customers. Along with this accuracy, Mars Translation also ensures that its translated documents are of the highest quality and hold credible certification proofs. As part of ensuring certified translations for the legal documents, a letterhead is placed after the translation is executed, which acts as a notarized guarantee of certification and quality for all concerned authorities, so you can be assured of seamless legal document translation services.

As with every translation project delivery, quality and accuracy is given the utmost importance by Mars Translation’s expert linguists. We understand that our clients may need to set the format of their contracts after they are translated. To ensure that they don’t have to go through that hassle, our desktop-publishing services (DTP) reproduces the original style and format of your legal agreements and contracts for a seamless localization process.

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