What is Legal Translation?

Legal translation requires specialized industry knowledge of the legal system and its terminologies. Here intent is highly important and mere word-for-word translations just won't cut it. Our team of skilled legal translators ensure that the intent of your legal documents remains clear and the nuances in language are preserved.

You can avail of legal translation for a variety of documents that may be critical to business, personal life, and legal affairs. From patents and contracts to immigration papers, translating a legal document requires a rigorous vetting process, which is best done by certified legal translators.

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Why Professional Legal Translation Services are Important?

The global economy relies on communication and connection. However, legal complexities often stand in the way of progress and one has to navigate such complexities. Legal translation solutions help you bridge these gaps and aid you on the road to success.

The importance of hiring a legal translation agency can be attributed to the fact that a single mistranslation can impact your court proceedings, contracts, and even your basic rights. Professional legal translation ensures the protection of your interests and the precision of translation. The legal landscape varies from region to region and to avoid any complexities, it is better to opt for professional legal translation services for law firms, and that’s where Mars Translation can help!

Who Needs Professional Legal Translation Service?

Whether you are an individual or a growing corporation branching out on the international stage, the need for clear and precise communication is of paramount importance. Professional legal translation services are availed by:

Government Agencies

Government agencies often need legal translations for laws and regulations to comply with international laws and communicate with diverse citizens.


When a business expands legal language translation services are availed to navigate the new market rules and regulations. Moreover, legal document translation is required to complete paperwork for submission to government bodies.

Law Firms

Lawyers may partner with a legal translation company, to handle international cases or represent foreign clients.

Financial Institutions

Financial institutes require legal translation services for financial documents to ensure flawless communication and regularity compliance.

Who can Provide Legal Translation Services?

Legal translation services can be availed by subject matter experts, a certified legal translation company, or by online legal translators. Your requirements make a big difference in deciding which option is the best one for you.

While subject matter experts are good options, they might not be familiar with various languages and online translators are not credible sources. Thus, a legal translation company, like Mars Translation is your best bet for high-quality and certified legal translation services. We have subject matter experts and native translators for 230+ languages.

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Legal Document Translation Services

Utilize the expertise and resources of Mars Translation for certified legal document translation services. We offer legal translations for:

  • Financial documents
  • Agreements and contracts
  • Laws & regulations
  • IP documents
  • Court documents
  • Immigration documents, etc.

Mars Translation has helped thousands of individuals and corporations translate legal documents. Our experience in contracts, patents, immigration paperwork, court filing, and more is second to none. With us, you not only get quality work but also expert advice when availing services for legal document translation.

Choose Mars Translation for your legal translations

When your legal requirements go past borders, Mars Translation is your go-to partner for clear, accurate, and reliable legal translations. Our law translations help you navigate the legal matters successfully. Here’s what makes us your number one choice for legal translations:


Whether you need to translate legal documents from English to Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese, or any other language pair, Mars Translation has you covered with native speakers and subject matter experts.

Local Knowledge and Global Reach

We hire locals who understand nuances in culture. Hence, our translation for court documents yields more beneficial results

Strict Vetting Process

Our system's success is based on a strict vetting process. We hire the best translators, project managers, and subject experts.

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Translation and localization help break down communication barriers, facilitate smooth business operations, ensure compliance with laws and regulations, and make legal documents more accessible.

Choose a good translation tool or get free quotes from translation service providers. You can also find freelancers on platforms like Fiver, but are often less reliable than professional companies. If the task is of a sensitive nature, always choose a human translator or contact a professional legal translation company.

The cost of translation can depend on various factors such as the nature of work, number of words, delivery time, language pair selection, and more. It is best to explain your project in as much detail as possible to get an accurate quotation.

There are various legal documents that we translate. The most common ones are agreements, employee contracts, intellectual property, regulatory documents, certificates, immigration documents, financial documents, insurance documents, legal proceedings, verdicts, and more. Do get in touch with our representative and he/she can better guide you for tailored solutions.

Our strict vetting process ensures quality resources are hired in our team. Moreover, we have a network of native-speaking translators and industry-experienced professionals. This ensures that nuances of language, along with difficult terminologies are translated with complete accuracy.

Non-disclosure agreements are the first step to ensuring legally binding confidentiality. Our legal translators sign NDAs to ensure complete confidentiality of your data.