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Make Your Black Friday Successful With These Marketing Strategies

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Black Friday is just around the corner and if you are reading this, this means that you are pretty late for your Black Friday Marketing. You are a little late, but that does not mean you will have to suffer this season. It is almost Christmas time and that means there are going to be many, many, many people who are looking for deals and discounts of items. So even if you start now, you can probably save yourself from doom.

Black Friday is utter madness, but we like it because this means we can get a lot of sales and sales means guaranteed pay checks, so even if we have to put in a few extra hours, it is going to be worth it. Believe it or not, but even small businesses do a wondrous job during the holiday season. If you follow these strategies, you can actually have a pretty good sales week or even a month because the Black Friday deals you offer will allow you to leave a good impression on your clients and they will definitely come for more when it is time for getting gifts for Christmas and other holidays.

So without further ado, let’s jump into the Black Friday Marketing Strategies that every big and small business must implement to get a great sales week.

Keep Your Emails Short and Snappy

The whole purpose of sending out emails to your clients is to get their attention and make them familiar with your deals. So make sure that you keep your emails short, interesting and very entertaining. The more relevant they are, the better impact you will get.

Show Your Cards

Got the email down to pat? Good. Now let’s talk about what should be the highlight of your emails. You need to make sure that the main element of your emails is your promotions. Have more than one deal? No problem, make an email for each of your promotions and send them out every other day. This way, you will be able to make contact with your clients and make them aware of your each and every promotion or deal.

Revisit and Revise

Had a great Black Friday last year? Or it was not so good? You have to peruse your last year’s data no matter how it went. It can give you a heads up on what went wrong and what went great. You will not have to rely on second hand data. The best way to approach your Black Friday is by making sure that you are aware of your client’s likes and dislikes and you know what they will definitely want.

Treat Your Loyal Customers

Have a steady list of loyal customers who shop from you every often? This would be the best time to treat them with a special deal and discount. Send special gifts or hampers to them or why not give them a special free delivery discount? Remember that it is all about word of mouth advertisement. The more you please your clients the more they will come back.

Inspire Your Clients

Do you know that most of the time, clients are usually surfing the internet and just browsing through items. If you give them a few suggestions and they really like it, you know there is a 65% chance of them buying those items? Clients like to be inspired and making little suggestions about what can be bought with what item can actually do wonders for your sales day. If you put a little discount with a collection of items, you actually have a better chance of selling that more than single items.

Infiltrate Social Media

This is so obvious that I do not even have to mention it. Social Media marketing can be a game changer. This is the best way to attract your audience and have the word spread about your special deals and discounts. Remember the time when telemarketing was a major fad? Well, Social Media is better than that, but it is a hundred times stronger and more efficient. So do not take it lightly. Use it as much as you desire!

Entice the Last-Minute Shoppers

How many of your customers are procrastinators? Too many to count? Well, why not make them feel welcome. Admit it, every one of us knows at least two procrastinators and that is saying something. Make a little newsletter and tell them to not to wait for the last minute and buy their items now because we all know that products have a tendency to run out of stock at these events.

Invest A Little

Don’t be shy of spending a little extra this Black Friday because you are going to get that back in a day or two. Invest in ads, Google ads and Facebook ads. This is the time when you need to get all out and show what you got to your clients.

Utilize the Wish List

Do you have a wish list option on your website? Good. Use that to create promotions. Look for the items that most of your clients have added to their wish list and give promotions, deals and discounts on them. And if you are feeling highly generous, you can actually make specialized promotions for them. Imagine how happy your clients will be if they see the item they want the most in a sale or discount.

Mobile Friendly Website

This is a tech-savvy world and people like to shop at their convenience. Having a mobile friendly version of your website will be good for your business. If you do not have enough time to create a new version, simply make sure that the website runs smoothly on a mobile or a tablet and make sure that everything is visible. If you do that, you will be good to go.

Keep Your Employees Happy

Admit it, if there is someone who works harder than you on these special holidays it is your employees. They are the ones who put your best image forward and make sure that your clients leave the shop happy. They deserve to be treated fairly. So offer them bonuses, employee discounts and even give them little gifts because, without them, you may not even have a single sale.

Use Their Language

Lastly, do not forget your clients that do not know English. There are many translation agencies who provide special deals and discounts in the holiday season. Use their translation services to have greetings made into other languages your clients speak. You can actually use a translation service to have multiple versions of your newsletters and emails and send them to your clients. Everything is possible if you put a little effort into it.

These are simple marketing tips that everyone must follow. The capital of your business has zero importance when it comes to these tips because they can be implemented by anyone and everyone. And these tips can be customized for any type of budget.