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Medical reports translation, 5 tips and more


The field of medical and healthcare is fascinating which never stops moving and demanding. Medical translating is a challenging work; so many people who want to enter into this world stop at some troubles, for example, medical reports. We are going to learn some tips from an experienced medical translator on medical reports translation.

Emma is a Spanish to English medical translator, after years of experiences she gives some tips on how  to make your work more efficient, when translating medical reports.

  1. Agree on what needs to be translated
  2. Arrange prices, invoicing and payment before you start 
    (Issues above will be arranged by Mars Translation to let you focus on your translation project.)
  3. Use an OCR tool
  4. Decipher unknown abbreviations
  5. Deal with drug names

A final thought:

Don’t take on the job if you’re out of your depth_

Medical/Healthcare Translation Services

The international health, we care about, too
Mars Translation Services has rigorous and professional workflow to offer you reliable and accurate translation services, saving your time and money. Medical and healthcare translation services we provide include: document translation services, website translation services, interpretation services, transcription services.

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