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Translation Services 101 - Everything You Need To Know About Translation Services

By: Rabia Tanveer Posted on Tue, 13-10-2015

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We have already talked about the advantages of translation services and how important they are for your business, especially when you are expanding it to other countries. Although Halloween is in the air and we can scare you more by telling you more disadvantages of hiring inexperienced translators, but we care, so we are going to tell you something better. We are going to take you to Translation Services 101 class where you will learn about things you have never heard or read online.

More than One

Do you know that it is completely okay and sane to have two or even three localization and translation vendors? Might sound insane at first, but it is true. The reason behind this insanity is very simple; the companies have too many clients in too many companies so they hire one vendor for each sector or region. Plus, if they are offering things that requires specialized attention, they hire someone who is an expert in it. Think about that!

Minimizing the Risk

There is always a risk when you expand your business in any capacity. It is very similar to taking on a partner. Imagine you hire a translation service, everything is going fine until they can’t take you on because of capacity issues? Right in the middle of a super important campaign or product launch? If you have another translation company in your list, you will not have to panic.

Quality Control – Advanced Level

Imagine working with the same company again and again. They have a great translator taking the lead on your every project and he always maintains the quality. However, with your new product launch looming right around the corner, your star team lead is unavailable and the quality of the project is considerably low. What will you do? You will switch to your other translator service to save the day and complete the project on time with a higher quality result.

Expand Your Reservoir

It is always good to have some else to fall back on, but it is always great to add more members to the team. It’s good if you have a Spanish language vendor, but wouldn’t it be better if you have a vendor who provides multiple language services? If you are going in the right direction, you will definitely need experts in other languages and you will appreciate us more, because we gave you the idea to expand your vendor list.

One Size DOES NOT Fit All

Just because your competition is using a specific translation company, does NOT mean that it will fit your company too. Two companies can be in the same market, share the same market and goals, but they can still be different. In such cases, one translation company cannot cut it, especially if you want to move ahead in the future. Research the market, test, and retest and re-retest a translation company before you can be sure if this company understands your goals, ethos and future plans.

Specialized Services

Some companies are experts in localization while others are experts in a specific industry. Having one such company in your team that specializes in your market would be great. They will know how to create and localize your content to bring your maximum impact.

In-House Teams Save The Day

There are companies who have in-house teams working on special projects. These teams are a mixture of translators, proofreaders, technicians, designers and web developers. They will cater to your every need and make sure that it is in the optimal running condition before they will send it to you. The best part: all of this all completed before it is sent to you before your mentioned deadline.

Plus, these services are super cheap and easy to hire. So, don’t waste time and start earning your due!