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Predictable future And The Scientific Studies


It is impossible to predict what will happen in next few years, but does not stop us from discussing what we think will happen and research the rough idea what we can expect in the coming years. There are many predictors in the world who have given many theories, which can be read by the help of language translator services like Portuguese (Europe) user interface translation services.

Here are five possible outcomes that human could be facing in the near and long distant future.

Humans will expand to other planets

You all will probably be familiar with projects such as Mars on mission. Whose intend is to populate Mars with humans until 2025 and judging by other people increasing interest in reaching other planets. Its save to say that in next few 100 years the probability of human colonizing at another planet is high weather that is right thing to do is another debate.

Human characteristics

There is no denying that human have changed their features and characters over time. Have you ever wondered that it continued to change that you are not alone, scientist have been looking into it for a while. They came up with some remarkable theories which can be examined by some document translation services like Portuguese (Europe) User Interface translation services to get the complete information that how over characteristics may change in the years to come. It is widely believed by scientist that eventually humans will split into two separate species. One would be attractive society and the other the separate society of unintelligent ugly goblin like humans.  It’s thought that human race with reach this physical peak in around 3000 years.


If you have ever seen Robot films it really seems that something like Robot will take over. Steven Hawken said it is not the case of Robot take over our jobs and lives, it’s more case of when. It could be as little as of 100 years time, since artificial intelligence is progressing at an alarming rate. Some of the future predictions are already happening, as many factories use some robots instead of humans. In future humans would be unable to compete or replace the machines.

No future

There will be no future, many people believe that world is going to end. Over the years there would be many predictions and even specific dates are predicted when this will happen. There have been many signs of extinction but most worrying things that all of you should focus on is called a solar storm. It will give humans 12 hours warning before potentially destroying all. It will destroy communication system and vital services, and the world would be plunged into darkness.

So these five future predictions are to be learned completely, as Portuguese (Europe) User Interface translation services are translating many interfaces to tackle the technology and to learn more from them. The ideas of shifting to Mars or building robots are incredible but why can’t people think of those millions of people who are still suffering all around us. Fix all important things on this planet. Start looking after earth’s animals, hunger, poverty, crime and illness before start working on other things.