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Prioritizing Translation Services: Cost or Quality?

By: Rabia Tanveer Posted on Mon, 05-10-2015

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As the time passes, more companies are being born in the translation industry. As this industry is proving to be a solid ground of guaranteed paychecks, more people are interested in being translators and proofreaders than they used to. It indeed has opened new grounds for the industry, but it has also brought some low points too. As a young company in a niche market, these companies need to have some perks to attract the audience. With every client preferring someone with experience, these companies bring their costs down and give exclusive discounts for all.

Although attractive at first, this trend has brought the industry standard down and made the client more susceptible to bad content or low quality content. Such clients have a hard time of trusting another translation company, even though they may have 10+ years of experience to back their claim. But then there are clients who would rather get low quality translation rather than spend some extra money. We have made a table of comparison between companies that pay due importance to quality and vice versa.

Read on make the right decision.

Even though choosing cost over quality seems attractive to many, it is really not safe for companies who are hoping to make their mark in the international market. Just having your website or product manual in English will not cut it. If you want to become a brand in another country, you need to know their language, their market, and their trends. You need to become a local to intertwine your company with the locals. If you keep on preferring cost, you will not get the quality of translation your content deserves.

It is not as if the experienced companies are charging thousands of dollars. They are actually more inexpensive than most companies. They have the right tools and resources to cut the cost, complete the project well before its due date and offer many other services like localization without any extra charges.

So choose wisely, make the right decision because the future of your new investment is based on these services.