The Key Difference between Translation, Trans-creation, and Localization

Sometimes companies get a little overwhelmed when they are dealing with translation companies for the first time. They have a whole world of services and they have no idea which service is for them. They might choose a service that has no use to them. However, a little research can help you immensely. When it comes to translation services; there are three services that are often mixed up, taken for one another. These services are translation, trans-creation and localization. If you are confused which service is what, read below and find out more about these services.


Translation is one of the most used services in the global translation community. It is basically translating a text word for word in another language. It is literal and there is very little room for changes. If your content is perfect, and you are sure that the content will read perfectly in another language, go ahead and use this service. The context and the style of the source language will be kept in the final version. It is also one of the fastest services you will find.


Trans-creation is basically writing original content in your target language. Instead of translating an already written content, you can have a new content created. The advantage of trans-creation is that it is more fluent and reads a lot better. To some people translation comes across as a little stiff and coarse. A native can easily tell that the content is translated from another language, which inadvertently hurts your brand image. However, Trans-creation is a little more expensive than your regular translation and localization.


Localization is basically adapting your content to the target market trends. It is basically making the content up to date to the current linguistic trends and how the content is being generated in the source language in the native country. The best thing about localization? Many translation service providing companies are giving localization services free of cost. If you have hired a company to translate or Trans-create a content for you, they will localize the content without any extra charges. It is a plus that you must have. It helps building a good brand image and make your better received by your target market.

Keep these three services in your mind when you are searching for a good company to translate your content. Although, similar at first glance, they have different effects and work completely different. Choose wisely!