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About the project:

One of our regular customers named C sent me an enquiry on August 18, 2016 that there was a Purchasing Manager from Kao Corporation would come to Changsha, China for market survey in a week. The Purchasing Manager was a Japanese and couldn’t speak Chinese. They hoped that we could arrange an Accompany Interpreter for them.


Details of project

Project No. ST16H003 

Date: August 24, 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. (12 hours)

Language pair: Japanese <> Mandarin (Simplified Chinese)

Area: Infant products

Number of Interpreter: 1

City: Changsha, Hunan Province, China

Our solution:

  1. Sent 5 pieces of Blind CV with 3 females and 2 males for client’s choosing;
  2. Negotiated 50% deposit of total price before starting as well as 50% balance a week later with client;
  3. Client selected one female Interpreter, Teacher Ma, a Japanese teacher in college;
  4. Deposit received and project confirmed;
  5. Client couldn’t offer any reference materials. Then, we sent Website of Kao Corporation to our Interpreter, Teacher Ma and asked her to visit the website and learn more about Kao Corporation from Internet.
  6. We made tips to Teacher Ma for the preparation of the interpreting:
  1. Note book, pen, cup, power bank and chewing gum should be carried with her;
  2. Please do not spray perfume in case client didn’t like or was sensitive for perfume;
  3. Please dress yourself with office lady suit with flat shoes or short heel shoes in case you were too tired as working time was about 12 hours and needed to go out with client;
  4. Should any problem or conflict during your work, please don’t debate with client, but contacted with Emma at once for negotiation;
  5. Please be patience and tried your best to offer client the best service.
  1. Follow up the interpreting project.


Client’s feedback:

Thanks for your great help this time. Very satisfied. You are my first choice for my future come.


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