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Electronics and Home
Appliances Translation Services
Globalize your products strategy whilst localizing your marketing strategy with mars translation

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We translate all types of documents for the electronics and home appliances industry


Fiscal Reports

Translate your fiscal reports to cater to multilingual stakeholders



For the various products that are sold in the industry


Web Content

Localize our web content to market to a globalized demographic


Packaging Text

On the products which are sold worldwide

Create an international strategy for your Products in the electronics industry

If you are an electronics companies who sell their products to an international market, you will have to make your marketing material in multiple languages. The same goes for any packaging material that you may be using. If your company is shipping its products worldwide, some of the most important languages that you need to get your product translated into will include Spanish, Mandarin, and Korean etc. Among the different Documents that we provide translations for, you can get the following translated for the international market.

  •  Product specifications
  •  Maintenance manuals
  •  Operating
  •  Product catalogues
  •  Dealer portals
  •  Promotional literature
  •  Training manuals
  •  Technical specifications
  •  Product packaging
  •  User guides
  •  Health and safety manuals
  •  Websites and press releases
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Broaden the spectrum of your company

The market for Electronics and Home Appliance products is a much globalized industry. Due to the increase in global trade since the turn of the 21st century, more and more companies are shifting their business to the international scale in a bid to make their companies output more profitable and more productive. This has led to an increase in the number of customers for the electronic product and home appliance industry. And a lot of these customers come from different backgrounds. This means that to reach a broader base of customers, it is important for the companies that retail electronics to provide their customers with marketing projections in multiple languages.

With the translation of all these platforms, you get to market your project to a larger demographic, leading to a larger profit and turnout. If you work with Mars Translation, you are guaranteed to get:


    Fast and accurate translation


    24/7 customer support from professional support team


    Over 5000 plus industry expert translator


    High quality and professional service


    The most affordable and competitive rates in the market


    Native interpreters with state of the art resources

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