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Professional Telecommunication Translation Services

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The telecommunication industry is all about communication. That is why as globalization increases, the telecommunication industry is becoming more advanced and widespread to allow for greater cross-border communication to take place.

Mars Translation’s expert team of specialist and technical translators are highly qualified and experienced in delivering professional telecommunication translation services. We translate all Telecommunication related documents with almost two decades’ worth of experience in translating complex documents, they ensure a seamless translation process for establishing unhindered communication with international audiences as well as taking advantage of the opportunities presented by new markets.

  • Telecommunication Tenders
  • Carrier-class Technical documents
  • Mobile Telecommunication Manuals
  • Technical Bulletins
  • GSM and SMS Infrastructure Manuals
  • Online Help Content
  • Telecommunication Maintenance Manuals
  • Wireless Phone Manuals
  • Call Center Procedures and Scripts
automotive translation services document image
automotive translation services document image

Cost-effective and Reliable Telecommunication Translation Services

The rapidly evolving industry of telecommunications requires a technical and expert approach to translation along with reliable telecommunication translation services. The growing influence of telecommunication technology has amplified the need to accurately translate all content related to the telecommunication industry to build a connection with international customers. 

Mars Translation’s expert and professional linguists are proficient in technical translations, having ample insight into the telecommunication industry. They understand how important it is for you to connect to your international customers, and that is why they deliver cost-effective, high-quality translation solutions for the international expansion of your business in addition to delivering these benefits:

  • Quality Translations: Ensure the high quality of your translated files and documents through our ISO 9001:2008 quality standards and re-assessment procedures.
  • Affordable Pricing: Avail market-competitive pricing rates for your translation projects through our affordable translation rates with zero hidden charges.
  • Expert Linguists: Enable global access to a global telecommunication audience with the support of our qualified linguists having expertise in technical translations.
  • Wide Service Portfolio: Get all your telecommunication related content translated including website, software, and manuals through our comprehensive translation solutions.
  • Multilingual Support: Translate your technical documents and files in more than 100 languages and in the format of your choice with the aid of expert translators.

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If you require seamless and professional telecommunication translation services, Mars Translation is the ideal translation partner for you. Mars Translation has been delivering expert translation and localization services to its international customers since 17 years, and its quality translation projects boast of its professional services. To get your documents translated simply register your quote with us today or consult our translation experts for free in case of any query.

Mars Translation is a premier translation and localization company specializing in delivering quality and affordable translation services to its customers. We believe in reducing the cost burdens of our clients, which is why we have devised a system of affordable and market-competitive translation rates starting with as low as USD 0.044 per word standard rates. Not only that, this rate is free of any hidden charges or expert fees as we also believe in full transparency.

Mars Translations’ services for translation and localizations are not only professional and accurate, they are also delivered before due date without any effect on quality. This fast service is because of our quick translation processes that ensure that you get your translated projects delivered as soon as possible. You can get your translated documents within 48-72 hours of submission, depending on the length and complexity of the content.

At Mars Translation, confidentiality and security of translated documents are also some of the basic principles that our translators follow. To make sure all your translations are secure, our translators are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement before their appointment, additionally, the projects are dealt with on our platform separately to assure full confidentiality and privacy.

At Mars Translation, all our documents and translation services are certified and support the highest levels of quality. To ensure certifications of your translated projects, a letterhead is added on the translated files that act as a notarized guarantee to all the quality assessment and related authorities. With Mars Translation you can be sure of a certified and quality translation at low cost and fast turnarounds.

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