Considering the direction E-Commerce is taking, website translation is becoming extremely important for business executives. Things can be a little tricky when trying to keep localization costs down but, still want your website translation to stand out from the crowd.

As of late, companies have finally started to focus on what their international clients need. And since customers now prefer to shop and explore the Internet in their own language, it has become necessary for e-commerce companies and retailers to rethink website strategies.

Of course, the best way to approach clients and score a sale is by revamping a website in the languages of your targeted audience. English no longer remains the sole language of the Internet. Yes, the majority of business or websites are written in English, but since 2013, companies have been creating multilingual versions in major languages like Chinese, Spanish, French and German.

All of this does look good on paper, but there are always some things that create issues. The best way to minimize roadblocks is by using a quality website translation service that will keep all potential issues in mind while providing you with a solution that makes the transition easy for you.

Keeping the cost of website translation in check is easy, especially when you want to maintain the integrity and quality of your brand. There are 10 sure fire ways of maintaining quality at an affordable website proxy service cost.

1. No Need To Completely Change Your Website

The best thing about Website Proxy services, is that you never have to totally revamp or re-create your website. It is good to think about the future, but with a quality Proxy translation service, you can use your existing website and still cater to your international clients without lifting a finger.

You will not have to make any changes to your current website, except to change your DNS to match our Proxy Server. After that, you just sit back and relax. Our server will automatically grab the pages that must be translated for the largest impact. Once you approve them, we can start working on taking your website go global.

2. New Server Space Is Never Required

With a quality Website Proxy Service to back you up, you will never have to buy extra server space to incorporate new multilingual content for your existing plan. Since you simply change your website’s DNS to match our Proxy Server, whenever a client visits your website, the website goes straight to our proxy server, and clients are sent to a translated version of your website.

3. Your Server Side Technology Does Not Matter

The programming language of your website or that of your server does not matter. What matters is that you will not have to worry about changing the coding of your website to make it support your new multilingual approach. Since your website’s multilingual content will already be saved on our Proxy Server, the new content will be visible on the same website, in the same web layout.

4. No Need For Extra Services

The best quality of using Website Proxy services is that it cuts out all the unnecessary costs you may encounter in the future. A few years ago, if you wanted to make your website multilingual, you would have to buy more server space and make your website compatible to hold multilingual content and design.

However, with Website Proxy Service, you can use the same website layout, design and development and still go global while providing multilingual solutions to your clients. You will not have to worry about extra IT support, new coding, development or website design.

Everything about your website will remain the same, except it will make your clients feel right at home.

5. A Professional Can Do It All For you

What makes Website Proxy Service incredible is the fact that you either chose to translate your website yourself with the help of machine translation, or you can have a team of professional human translators make it happen for you. It will definitely take you a long time to translate every translatable string into the language of your choice.

But for the professional human translators, it is just a matter of a few hours. Plus, with native translators working on your website translation, you will not have to worry about odd machine translation mistakes that can be embarrassing for your company if they ever go live. Quality is very important, especially when it comes to global business.

Hiring a professional translation services company may seem like a big investment to you. But our rates are always affordable and competitive. Plus, this will be an investment that will bring you large profits for a long time.

6. Keep Your Content Translation Ready

This is perhaps the main reason why most website translations cost a lot of money. Many companies do not keep translation needs in mind when they write their content for the websites. A lot of people believe that the source content is not important in a translation job.

However, according to many expert translators, the translated content is just as important as the source content. If the translator has to spend more time on the source content to find suitable translations, the cost of the whole project is going to increase.

In order to keep the costs of your website translation low and maintain quality, make sure that your content includes very little local jargon, slangs, idioms and culture related phrases or terms. Also, try to use as little abbreviations as possible.

Since your target language will have its own jargon, catch phrases and terms, it will become slightly time consuming for the translator to find the appropriate term, hence, drawing out the process and making it more expensive, it is better to keep it simple and effective rather than long and technical. So keep the colloquialism on low.

7. A Style Guide And Glossary Can Save Your Life – And Money

Believe it or not, but a style guide and translation glossary can be a major help in keeping the quality high and lowering the cost of your budget. If you are using an Online Professional Language Translation Services Agency, they will actually suggest this to you. If not, you should always mention this because it will make the process easier for you and for your language service provider.

A translation glossary and style guide has proven to be invaluable to the translation team in the past. So if your website has some terms or jargon, mention them in the glossary and it will be incorporated as you want them. Also, a style guide will help your translation team to maintain the tone, language and structure that you want your content to follow. So if you are specific about your website tone and atmosphere, have a style guide as well.

8. Translation Memory Can Save You Big Bucks

Translation Memory is the best way to keep your budget in check and still have the best quality website translation. Translation Memory is basically a way of storing previously translated strings of words, and if the translator encounters them again, we will pull the translated phrase from the software and save time and money.

The prediction percentage of your website content will increase and that will help you save a lot of money and time on new translatable strings and phrases. Plus, any translator who is working on the project can use Translation Memory so you will not have worry about tight deadlines.

9. Never Embed Content In Images

Try not to embed the content in the image. This can make the translation process a little longer than what you might anticipate. Plus, you will have to redesign the image for every language you have the text translated in. Keep the image and the text separated.

Upload the image and have the text inlaid over the image with HTML. This will give you more room to incorporate multilingual text in your same design. Also, this way, you will not have to worry about spending extra money on design and development of extra images.

10. Reduce Rework Costs – Master Content Flow

Finally, the best way to reduce your costs and keep high quality is by making sure your source content is one hundred percent the way you want it to be. Read, re-read, proofread and approve your content before you send it to be localized. A minor error in the source content can cost you hundreds of dollars in correction work in multiple languages.

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