To be a mother means to become more than just someone who bears children.  She is the backbone and silent partner in every household, let it be white or black or brown…The role-play of a mother is the same in each community.

Which is the most thankless job in the world?


Mother’s Day is a reminder to cherish the one female who is a sole giver, someone who doesn’t expect anything in return. For many, she is the idle source of motivation. Usually, you will take your mother (or motherly figures) to a good dinner or bake her a cake and surprise her with coupons and such but during these unique circumstances, unfortunately, a whole lot of plans were doomed. 

Your mother’s day traditional hangout may not happen but you can equivalently have fun in a variety full of days.

As you keep practicing social distancing you can come up with brilliant ideas to make this day a happy day, full of excitement and family time. It’s time you cherish your mom with creative ideas;

Start with breakfast in bed

Even till now, you love the idea of breakfast in bed right? And how come your mother won’t want it too for herself?

Moms are pretty much efficient and we cannot compete up to their competency, granted, but what we can do is give it a head start with breakfast in bed with her favorite items to start the day with. Prepare a tray with a napkin laid on neatly, you can enlighten the mood with chocolate chip pancakes with maple syrup, butter or chocolate syrup (sounds delicious) or if you are not as great cook as her you can order breakfast from her favorite café!

Set the tray and add a miniature vase with a single flower stem (her favorite). It will put her mood at ease.

Decorate the house

Okay, this may sound as going overboard but it’s not. Decorations are not a must for mother’s day but too little is too much sometimes and why not surprise her? Instead of giving her a traditional mother’s day card you can spring up decorations idea for the lounge or patio where you plan to celebrate the most of the day.

Imagine the look on her face when she opens the door to the patio and voila! It's all seasoned with balloons and flowers or drape accessories with lunch or tea times items on the center of the table while the entire family is there. Do not forget to make a video!

A virtual tour

Sadly your traveling plans have been put a halt due to pandemic. So why not take advantage of the technology? That's what virtual tours are for!

You and your mom can still bask in the glory of virtual tours of your favorite places like museums, gardens, historical mansions, and so on. It is really fun but with a screen of course, and you can ask your mom to share stories of her younger self, this will help create the bond and make it stronger than ever.

Virtual tours can be fun if you have the right company so make this time worthwhile. If your mom is not a technology lover you can bring forth the idea of controlling the virtual tour scrolls and let her have her fun (yes, just like a kid).

Bake together

A family that eats together stays together. If you bake a cake with your mother nothing will excite her more. Baking is a fundamental key to love and happiness.

If you are looking for a unique kitchen bonding technique and keep your hands busy while chit-chatting, you can play chef while your mom acts as a sous chef. Remember when you are in the kitchen you mother is el-Presidente so do not misplace any of the food items, ask for her opinion and add share some of your opinions. 

If you are not a good baker or lack the confidence, try something low-key like making a pasta sauce or cutting the vegetables while your mom cooks the magic and sprinkles her love into the skillet.

Movie bonding time

Just like father and son bond over a good fishing/camping time, you can bond over movie time with your mother. This movie-night is not gendered biased of course; a mother can watch funny movies with her son too.

Since you can’t step out and do your manicure or pedicure this is the perfect way to bond over minus the kitchenette. Some of you who do not love to cook or bake this is your window of opportunity to spend time with your mother.

You can pick a movie of either choice and watch it at a random and laugh your bellies out! Or if you are not too afraid of a boogeyman you can watch horror films with your mom as well.

Never too late for a manicure

Maybe your spa and salon appointments and vouchers may have gone to waste; it's pretty easy to acquire the skill to file the nails. But manicure is not only about filing nails. It has several steps like cleansing, polishing, waxing, and stuff and then cutting dead cuticles and so on (you get the idea)

It may not be a fulltime spa experience, but it is something. You can watch tutorials and give the best experience of a home manicure and pedicure over a good glass of condensed ice tea.

It’s a good way to chat with your mom and make up for all the times you missed with her, pamper her to the core and she will adore you more than ever.

Bottom Line

A happy mom is a happy home. It doesn't matter how professional you may be now or how old you might become, you will always remain a kid to your mom. Mothers have a special bond with every family member.  So yeah, it is needless to say she deserves to be pampered and taken care of when she can't do it anymore for herself.

"To the world, you are a mother, but to your family, you are the WORLD"

Happy Mother’s Day!