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6 Tips to Engage With International Clients This Halloween

By: Rabia Tanveer Posted on Wed, 14-10-2015

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Halloween is just around the corner and most companies are frantic client order, more client order and too many client orders. This is the perfect time for companies to make a good impression and make a remarkable reputation with their clients. Although, many of the companies have their special promotions, discounts and deals to serve their clients, many companies have other ideas. They are innovative and very fun. Plus, they make the client appreciate them more.

As this festival is celebrated in more than 15 countries, you can choose this time of the year to communicate with your clients, engage them with your company products and services and basically make them customers for life.

Here are some uber helpful tips to help you accumulate more clients this Halloween.

First Up – The Beginning

You need to start at the beginning. You need to know where your target audience hangs out. According to a research by Edison Research on February 2015, 71% of the social media users prefer Facebook, while 59% of the users prefer Instagram and only 32% use Twitter. So choose the platform where most of your clients are.

Speak Their Language

There is a general rise in excitement when someone from another country speaks your language. You have an instant smile and that makes you appreciate the other person more because he put a lot of effort into learning your language. This equation fits perfectly in this situation as well. Try to learn where most of your international customers are from. Remember, English is not the only language of the world.

Be Cool!

When promoting a product or communicating with clients on social media networks, you do not have to be using a promotional language. This is a “social” media, meaning that you don’t need to be formal at all. Use slang, trend words and colloquialisms is good for you. It makes you connect with the clients on a more personal level. However, be sure to use the correct terms in the native language.

Know What’s New, Know What’s Happening

Stay updated to the culture and current local trends of your international market. Or better yet, hire someone who is an expert in all languages you cater (like a translation company), they will know all the basics of a language and cater to all your clients perfectly, in their own language and style and make it seamless.

There Is A Right Time

Just as there are peak times in your market, there are peak times in social media as well. The peak time will depend upon the country or a region. You will have to research a little to get to know about the peak times in your specific regions. However, it is better for you if you DON’T post on the peak times because that way your post is bound to attract less attention. Post an hours or two before the peak time, so that when your clients come online, they will see your posts first thing.

Create A Giveaway!

What is the best way to engage your clients? Gifts!

Whose does not like gifts? We all do, we like to get free stuff. Make a competition and try to engage the clients with something fun and funky. If you can make the competition about Halloween, you will be able to get more people on your page and familiarize them with your company. This is going to be great for your company.

However, keep in mind that this is about making your clients feel connected with you. Knowing their language may not be the key to a great Halloween campaign, but it is a start and an essential point that allows you to understand them and talk to them on a personal level. So give it a try, you will not be disappointed.