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Arabic Legal Translation Service

By: Rabia Tanveer Posted on Wed, 21-10-2015

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Mars Translation provides Arabic translation services for almost all kinds of legal needs. We have a huge team of translators who are legal translation experts and have years of experience in this field. Our translators are familiar with the legal jargon and understand your need to have accuracy. This is why we only hire the best. We provide Arabic Legal Translation services for the following:

  • Academic Transcripts
  • Handbooks
  • Contracts
  • Court Documentation
  • Military Documentation
  • Tenders
  • Legal Reports, etc.

Our services are as limited as your needs.

Why Choose Mars Translation For Legal Translation Services?

Mars Translation has thirteen years of experience in providing one of a kind and high quality legal Arabic translation services. We have a team of experts who will only handle cases one at a time to provide you optimum quality. We have industry experts who stay up to date with the legal trends of their native language so that they can provide the best results.

We provide our Arabic Legal Translation Services for almost every type of industry including:

  • Corporate
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Environmental
  • Immigration
  • Bankruptcy
  • Labor
  • Law, etc.


Mars Translation is proud to be one of the fastest and most efficient translation service providers. We have a timer against every project that allows the translator and proofreader to see how much time is left in the project. Our translators can translate 200 words per hour, 2000 per day.


MT is certified by ATA, UKAS, ISO and TAC to provide the best possible quality translation. We only hire native translators who have years of experience. Apart from that, we have our own set of tests and exams that every translator has to pass before he is given any project.


We have competitive rates that are very affordable. Plus, we provide deals, discounts and promotions to our clients so that they can save some extra money too.

So, pick up that phone and dial +1 908 516 8877 to get a free quote, or click here to get it online and here for more information.