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Bad Translations Put A Serious Hurt On Your Sales!


Having native level translations that are accurate is a great way to connect with your clients across all territories. This is perhaps the best way to increase brand awareness among your international clients.

You might pretty much have this urgency to create a translated version of your website even if the translations are just “good enough” and not completely solid. Of course, you may have your reasons and they may be good reasons, but you know the fact that brand awareness process is on the longest road and there is no fast lane. So the sooner you start, the earlier you will connect with your clients.

You must know that no translated material is way better than poorly translated and interpreted material. Haphazard translations do more bad than good. If there ever is a time to improve your website translation, it is now. But should you change in your translations? You don’t know the language, so what should be changed?

Well, below are the main three translation culprits that put a hurt on your quarterly and annual sales.

Bad Brand Representation Will Cost You:

You must be familiar with Deadpool, you know, the comic hero who hates being called a hero. Plus, there is no fourth wall between him and the readers. You need to be more like him. There should never be any walls between you and your clients.

Now, you don’t have the super amazing strength or katana skills or healing ability, BUT you can still manage it. If you represent your brand properly, you actually won’t have any issues.

A bad translation of your company’s online content leaves a major impact on your clients. Bad translations become bad brand representation; you look unprofessional and clumsy to your clients. That is not the impression you want to leave.

Misspelled common words, inappropriate use of fad words and not being able to connect with the consumers are bad for your sales. If your competitors have better translated content… Mm hmm, you guessed it right; they will take their business to them.

Keywords; They Are The KEY:

See what I did there, with keyword and key… yeah, so moving on!

Finding that perfect keyword is hard word, even in your own language. But it is not impossible. There is a lot to be said for research and if done right, you can nail your keywords.

Did you think you could translate your current keywords in other languages? Good, that is the right way to go. However, awkward translations of your keywords can make it worse for your international marketing. Nightmare!

Keywords need to be used properly and in the right context. If your bad translations fail at that, that means no sales for you, bad business strategy and all of your clients will not be taken to you.

Having accurate translation services and researching local keyword metrics is essential when it comes to getting local consumers to find you. Remember, you need those sales!

Localization Can Solve A Lot Of Issues:

You may be serving hundreds and thousands of international clients, but here’s the catch: when they come to your website, they want to feel connected with the company.

This is the reason why many of your competitors are now upping their game in their interactions with their clients. The clients want to connect with the companies on a personal level and they want to feel important.

Interrupted, inaccurate and forced translations are inept to bring that to the clients and this is why you lose sales. Your customers might all speak Spanish, but if half of them are from Spain and half from Venezuela then you need to localize your content according to both regions, since Spanish is spoken differently in these two countries because their cultures are very different.

Fortunately for you my friend, the process can be very easy if you hire someone who actually understands this. And not to pat us on the back, but we are pretty good at translation and localization according to regions.

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