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Book Translation Services 230+ Languages - Fastest Turnaround

Human mind has always been inquisitive about everything that lies beyond the horizon. Thirst for knowledge has always come naturally to man, in order to satisfy this thirst humans first translated actions into words to communicate which were then translated into separate languages. Translation helps us understand foreign literature, fiction and history. In a way, it unites us all. Without translation we would all be living in our cocoons forever. It is such a wonderful thing to learn a completely alien culture through an exquisite translation. Get Free Instant Quote Now!

As wonderful as it sounds, every author understands it is not easy to tap into international audiences. It takes a lot of time, effort and a bunch of right choices to finally get translation of your choice. Our team at Mars Translation is here to lighten your burden and provide you complete solutions for all your book translation needs. We provide professional book translation services that take care of all your customized needs.

At Mars Translation we understand that book translation requires a lot of precision, contextual conversion and knowledge. It is so because for a foreign reader, the book will only be as good as the translated version. Keeping that in view, we have developed a systematic translation process for all the authors who wish to translate their books in order to introduce them to international audiences.

We provide comprehensive book translation services which is why while translating a content we make sure to tick off these things off of our checklist in order to provide you with the best possible translations available.

Industry Relevance

When you decide to get your book translated from us we will match your content with translators whose skills match perfectly with those required.  Currently, we are working with 5000 translators across the globe.

While translating books it is extremely important for the translator to have complete knowledge of the subject. Translating a book is very much just as important as writing it. A reader has no means of comparison due to which the complete responsibility of communicating the essence falls on the translator.

Book Translation Prices

Mars Translation strives to build long lasting relationships with the clients. In order to ensure a strong bond with you we have a well-rounded set of qualities. You can upload your content for a Free Instant Quotation before placing your order. Book translation rates are often calculated by page which is often prone to hidden charges. Companies that give you quotation for book translation rates per page may often vary there rates according to the page size. At Mars, our prices affordable and we charge per word and there are no hidden charges. Book translation cost will only be decided by the number of words that you need to get translated.


The one thing directly affecting your book is quality. We have an extensive quality control system which we continue to upgrade in order to constantly provide unparalleled services to our clients. A mind blowing concept can turn to dust if not translated appropriately. We make sure that the idea is conveyed along with its undertones so there is no place for any miscommunication. Our native translators understand your language and the contexts associated with it. The translations you receive will be culturally sensitive and appropriate.


Our translators work at an optimum speed to meet all the deadlines. We work according to you clock. All you need to do is provide us with your deadline and we will make sure your work is delivered in time.  You will find our team respecting you deadlines at any given point. In case you have any concern you can always contact our customer support who will assist and update you regarding the progress.

Editing and Proof Reading

A book cannot be published with editing followed by reediting. The situation with the translation is similar. Even though our first drafts are already proof read and edited by our translators, you can still choose to get it proof read and edited again.

Book translation brings you face to face to a whole new set of challenged. You have to be very sure before publishing your translated version since it has to be exquisite in every manner. Your book represents your culture, your literature, your history. There are going to be people whose entire idea of your culture will rely on the only book which might be yours. Mars Translation is there to simplify the translation process for you. We take great pride in satisfying our customers and being one of the most reliable translation service providers in the world.

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