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Cause of Expanding Universe


When we discuss about the expansion of the universe, it is not that the galaxy or the clusters of galaxies like bullets zooming through preexisting space, rather space itself, is the space between galaxies and cluster is expanding. In past 10 or 15 years scientists have discovered that expansion is currently speeding up with time and accelerating. And the scientist are trying to figure out what’s causing the acceleration, if you want to know in detail about the science bulletin changing day to day, you can consult language translation services for that like Thai bulletins translation services, which specially designed to translate any type of bulletin into your own language.

Our perception of evolution of universe has certainly changed a lot with time. For example Elbert Einstein thought the universe is static neither expanding nor collapsing and so did many scientist of his time. But Advent Herbert discovered in 1929 the universe is actually expanding. The universe began its existence in cataclysmic event, which you can call the big bang which is a gigantic explosion. The expansion of universe was the expansion of all of the space. There are many scientific documents which gives different theories you can get them in any languages by document translation services by consulting with different services like Thai Bulletins translation services.

In 1998 there were two teams of astronomers who were studding exploding stars at large distances from the earth. They saw that these exploding stars appeared to be somewhat fainter than they expected them to be. They realize that the simple explanation behind this was the expansion of the universe has been speeding up over the last 5 billion years. This was the real shock because the conventionally gravity would decrease and every matter in the universe would be attracted towards each other. The new stuff in universe which you can call dark energy and it is power of repulsion, it will make the universe speed up.

To plot the theory of the expansion you should examine the distance of the galaxies and the travelling speed by which they are going away from earth. Getting distances of galaxy is kind of like estimating the car at night. In case of astronomy if you find stars in galaxies and know there exact brightness and measure it with apparent brightness, than you can determine the distance.

The rate at which galaxies are formed, they tell about the competition between expansion which is making pull apart and gravity which is making them come together. This will help you to disentangle the main point actually what is causing expansion is it gravity or dark energy. As you will get the better data, you will be able to narrow down the theoretical possibility. Scientific bulletins are really important to go through while trying to be an astronomer and you can also take help from Thai Bulletins translation services. Hopefully someone brilliant would come along and say here is clear theory of the universe, as it is still not clear that what is causing the universe expansion. Weather the astronomers get the answer in next 5 or 50 years, but the important part is they have never stopped.