It is an era of globalization. Everyone wants to expand their business. Millions of languages are spoken around the world. To enter different markets, it is essential to communicate with customers in their native language. For this purpose, many translation companies are working. Translation companies are working to bridge the communication gap.


In the list of translation companies, Mars translation is the renowned name and it is working according to the requirements of global clients. Mars translation starts working in 2002. It has a pool of certified 300 plus native translators who are providing translation in more than 2000 plus languages pair in fast turnaround time and economical rates around the globe especially Bangkok.

Our Certified Translation Services

The translation should be according to the culture of the society. If it is not according to your culture it cannot convey Proper message to the target market. For this purpose, Mars translation has a pool of native linguists who provide you with supreme certified translation services.


We have subject matter experts to deal with specific terminologies of industry. Our Certified Translation services are there to solve all your problems. Mars translation experts provide Thi language translation and localization services in many domains and help in establishing long term relationships with Bangkok clients by helping them achieve their desired results.

How much does it cost?

Mars translation offers pricing options depending on the project you required. Professional translation is customized according to the content. As you submit your project, you will be able to choose between standard, standard plus, professional and professional plus.

  • Standard $0.044 per word
  • Standard plus $0.06 per word
  • Professional $0.056 per word
  • Professional Plus $0.072 per word


Mars translation provides transparent, per-word pricing with no hidden charges.

Why Choose Mars Translation?

Mars translation provides an intuitive platform that allows companies of Bangkok to order state of the art translation in quick turnaround time and economical rates.


Mars translation connects its customers with Top-rated, Certified Native Translators from around the globe. The supreme quality of translation provided has made Mars translation the first choice of Bangkok clients. The credibility of Mars translation can be viewed from the testimonials of Bangkok clients over our website.

Medical Translation

Medical translation is very important in the healthy life expectancy of mankind. Any error in medical translation will lead to a high mortality rate. Mars translation knows the importance of human life and provides its customers with state of the art Thi Medical Translation. Mars has a pool of certified linguists who are also subject matter experts and provide state of the Art translation in quick turnaround time and affordable rates. Stringent quality rules are followed while doing the medical translation. Some of the medical documents which are translated by

  • Patient Reports
  • Physical Examination Reports
  • Test Procedures
  • Clinical Trials
  • Discharge Summaries
  • Medical Researches
  • Drug Packaging and Labels

About Bangkok

Bangkok is known as the land of hospitality and it is the favorite tourist destination among global travelers. This land is known for religious and cultural harmony and this land celebrates all the festivals enthusiastically. Thi food and unlimited shopping from modern shopping malls are an attraction for foreign visitors.

The cultural diversity and renowned hospitality with its state of the art hotels and their world-class facilities have contributed to the success of the tourism industry. There are around 15 million foreigners who travel to Bangkok annually. Because of Tourism, there is a diversity of languages in Bangkok. To cater to this diversity of languages and to flourish the tourism industry it is important to take the assistance of Translation Company. Mars translation is just a click away, it will help you in catering influx of tourists in their native language.