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Certified Translation Services in Cork

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Cork is a city in south-west Ireland. As per the locals, Cork is the best place in the world. Cork is the breezy, multicultural City in Ireland. If you sit on an island in the middle of the River Lee, Cork is a lively collection of calm coffee shops, vivacious art galleries, scarce museums, and good pubs.

Life is cool here without any hassle. Cork Harbor is said to be the second-largest natural harbor in the world, after Sydney Harbor in Australia. Information Technology multinationals like Apple, Amazon, EMC, IBM, and Siemens are present in Cork.

Irish Language and its importance

In the constitution of Ireland, Irish is given the status of the official language but English is still the dominating language there. The Irish government has made frequent plans to boost the use of Irish for official’s matters of the state. The strategy for all state organizations suggests to use the Irish language in all government bodies.

Certified Translations by Native Linguists

Mars translation has a pool of certified native linguists who are also subject matter experts and know the technical and engineering terminologies. A flawless and seamless translation is provided by our native linguists. If Technical and engineering translation is not done properly it will have a devastating impact on human life.

Our certified native translators are providing state of the art translation in more than 90 languages. Our native linguists are aware of socio-culture nuances of the Cork society and provide flawless translation services according to their demands.

High-Quality Translations at Affordable Rates

Mars Translation is providing high-quality Translation at affordable rates. It is using the technology Translation memory which matches the segments which are already been translated. In this way, customers don’t have to pay twice. We don’t compromise on quality. Affordable rates offered by Mars Translation starts from $0.05/word.

Irish people need to take advantage of such a reasonable price and supreme quality. So what are you waiting for? Just Log on to Mars Translation and order your required language translation.

We translate all technical and engineering content

Information Technology multinationals like Apple, Amazon, EMC, IBM, and Siemens are present in Cork. The engineering and Technical field are very complicated and requires a subject matter expert to translate. As per the advancement in technology, the requirement for quality technical translation is also enhancing. Mars translation competent native linguists are aware of technical terminologies and provides Irish technical and engineering content translation accurately and precisely.

A wide array of Technical and Engineering content is translated and backed by ISO 9001; 2008 quality standards. Some of the technical and engineering content translation by Mars translation are Engineering Specifications:

  • Bill of Materials
  • Material Safety Data Sheets
  • Installation Manuals
  • Operating Manuals
  • Safety Manuals
  • Engineering Data Sheets
  • Technical Proposals
  • Engineering Proposals
  • Construction Contract Documents

Extensive Engineering and Technical Translation Services

The engineering and technical translation services need precision, accuracy and abundant technical expertise for translation. Mars translations competent linguists implement a technical and expert approach to translate all engineering and Technical documents expertly and professionally.

If you are translating documents for the civil, mechanical or chemical engineering industry. Our pool of 5000 plus translators makes sure you that all technicalities of your documents are catered with the error-free approach. Our technical translators are qualified experts who follow strict quality standards to ensure top-class translation services.

Support in Multi-format:  You can get your technical and engineering documents translated and delivered in any format of your choice with our Desktop Publishing solutions (DTP)

Quality Control: You have to make sure that the supreme quality of your translated documents with your quality assurance policies and translation re-evaluation of projects.

Affordable Prices: You can avail affordable rates for your translation with economical rates starting from USD 0.044 with no hidden charges.

Competent Linguists: You can enable your technical and engineering growth with the assistance of our certified competent linguists who have a sound technical background.

24/7 Support: We guarantee 24/7 around the clock translation and consultation support with the help of our project managers.


The economy of Cork is the knowledge economy and it gives importance to high technology so to keep yourself ahead in global technology advancement. It is important to take advantage of the Certified Translation Services. Mars Translation is present globally to fulfill the needs of the Cork Audience.