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Reason Of Packaging And Tips To Make It Effective


Packaging is the essential part of the product, because it helps to convey the identity of the brand and the image of the product. You can recognize products in terms of their packaging. The product is recognized by its packaging, it’s highly important for you to create the proper packaging with the proper content. Especially when you are selling your product at the foreign place make sure you use the professional language translation service provider like Thai Packaging translation services is used to translate the Thai packaging content into any other language.

Food is the ultimate reason for packaging and the ultimate design. But now you can every small and large comes in packaging. Did you ever wonder, what are the reasons for packaging? Here are some of the reasons enlisted below


It is the main reason for packaging, when you have lot stuff or a product you have to pack it to take it to the retailer. For example you have 12 cans of any beverages, how you would take those 12 cans to the consumer, so you consolidate those cans into a nice 12 pack packaging. It is easier to ship, to store, to display this kind of product on a shelf rather than as the individual cans.


The second reason of packaging is protection, it is very important to save your product from breaking, being tempered or getting bad. Many products would have spoiled if they were not packaged properly. For example milk, if you left milk on the counter without good packaging, it will go bad very quickly, therefore it is important to put it into packaging to stay for a longer period of time. You can bubble wrap packaging, put them in to form, plastic or Styrofoam containers.


The other major reason for packaging is to convey information to the consumer. Law requires many information and labels on food packaging. Producers will provide this information on there on but they also have to put on food packaging an ingredients, nutrition information, name and address of manufacture, universal product code, net quantity of the product, serving size, how to store product, best before date, cooking instructions and health warning. All of these are the requirement of the food packaging.

Brand identification:

Very effective branding will include packaging and thus certain package products even without a label you cannot identify the brand. For example you can identify Coco cola is the bottle anywhere because that is very distinctive. So packaging identify the product for the consumer, it stands out from the competition and when you are able to do this you have a proprietary design, that protected and no other manufacturer can copy that.

So when you want a package that stands out, that catches the consumer’s eye and that identifies the product, you should make it colorful and eye catching. Make the product name prominent on the label or the package itself and by doing so you can effectively identify your brand. The other way is to use the language of the area where you are selling your products, it is essential to create several language versions of the packaging content by taking help from certified language translation company that offers Thai Packaging translation services online for you to translate your content accurately into any language you demand for.

Sales promotion:

The last reason for packaging is promotion; it acts as a silent sales person. Packaging can be that last piece of promotion to encourage the consumer to purchase the product. it is another way to promote and advertise your brand. Limited additions packaging is also promotional tools, this is the way to make the urge of the consumer to buy your product.

Another way to encourage the consumer to buy your product is to state that your packaging is environmentally friendly. Now days many consumers are looking for environmentally friendly packages, they are not looking for packaging that have fifteen layers of plastic, that is annoying for consumers.

What makes effective packaging?

  • It should be creative and unique, should stand out, should be distinctive and different
  • You should use appropriate colors and fonts. If your brand has a certain color your packaging should have that certain color to present your brand.
  • The label should be easy to read, if you use difficult font which is difficult to read, people not might recognize your product. If you use the language other than the target audience language it would become the reason of rejection so try to take help from Online Language Translation Agency to be accurate.
  • Images are always beneficial for consumer, before designing the package for your product think like consumer, if you are visual learner you probably be drawn to the packages that have visuals.
  • The packaging should be relevant to the products, use an appropriate language it should not be offensive. The information should state all about that product.
  • Include necessary and legal information, it is the most important requirement, so make sure you provide legal information that is appropriate.
  • Your packaging should be easy to access product in inside. If you have purchased a product and you need succors and hammers or other tools to open it, you would be very frustrated with the packaging and probably not buy the product again.
  • Your packaging should not look tampered; you souls make a packaging that looks fresh and clean.
  • Keep your packaging simple, it often times stands out.

Through packaging get known to the international market. To globalize your product you should make your package as expressive as you can to make your business and product worldwide famous. Packaging is the lively technique to promote your product to different countries by translating the packaging content into the target languages and by making it suitable to fit in the environment or the culture of that country.

Make sure the quality of the translated content you are using on the product is best otherwise it would let down your product any way. So these are some tips to get your product globalize through packaging, go ahead and start spreading your product all over the world by using translation.