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Certified Translation Services in Edinburgh

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Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and one of its 32 council areas. It is the seat of the Scottish Government, the Scottish parliament and the supreme courts of Scotland. It is positioned on Lothian on the Firth of Froth's southern shore. Edinburg has been a focal point of education, especially in the fields of medicine, Scots law, literature, philosophy, the sciences, and engineering. It is the second-largest financial hub in the United Kingdom after London.

Its rich culture heritance has made it the most renowned tourist destination fascinating millions of overseas. For the global growth of your financial and tourism business, seamless translation is very important. Many reliable Translation companies are helping you in translation. Among them, the most reliable name is Mars Translation.

Certified Translations by Native Linguists

Mars Translation is providing a certified translation in more than 90 plus languages covering more than 2000 language pairs. Knowing the importance of digitalization, Mars Translation is covering 95% of the languages used by internet users around the globe. It has a pool of certified native linguists who provides you with meticulous translation considering the cultural nuance of Edinburg. Our Native linguists are experienced in different industries and know the industry-specific terminologies.

You can get flawless translation results by our subject matter experts in swift turnaround time and economical rates. Every Translation project has different requirements and Mars Translation aims to fulfill these requirements with the help of our native linguists. Precise and accurate high-quality translation with swift turnaround time and economical rates makes Mars Translation stand among fierce competitors.

High-Quality Translations at Affordable Rates

Mars Translation is providing seamless and meticulous translations at swift turnaround time and economical rates. It is providing high quality at a low cost. Translation packages are designed to cater to the needs of global clients. It is using translation memory so that clients need not pay again for the content which is already translated. Translation prices are according to the plethora of language pairs and their categories.

Mars Translation has a very transparent pricing system with no hidden charges. You cannot get such excellent translation services at such a reasonable price from anywhere so just log on to Mars Translation and order for your translation in any language of your choice. 

Translation for Business and Finance Industry

Globalization has increased the business expansion and business expansion has increased the importance of Business and Finance content translation. With the help of financial content translation, one can look into global investment opportunities.

Mars Translation is providing high-quality translation and localization for your business and finance content with the help of 5000 plus competent linguists. These competent linguists are well aware of international regulatory and financial environments. Mars Translation helps in the translation of following business and finance content:

  • Auditor reports
  • Finance claims
  • Financial assessments
  • Financial spreadsheets
  • Business plans
  • Business policies
  • Corporate policies

Business and Finance Translation Services

The meticulous translation is required for smooth business financial transactions. Accurate and precise translation in quick turnaround time is the need for globalization. Subject matter experts are required to do business and finance translation because they are aware of global finance and investment policies.

Business and Finance Translation Services by Mars Translation also provides ample localization solutions and desktop publishing services that confirm business translation in the language of their choice.

Multilingual Translations: Mars Translation provides a translation of financial projects in more than 90 Global languages in their preferred format.

Competitive Price Range: You can get high-quality translation in most competitive rates without any hidden charges.

Swift Turnaround Time: Business and financial translation projects are done in swift turnaround time with our comprehensive localization and translation processes.

Systematic workflow: All the Finance and Business Translation projects are done systematically ensuring privacy.

Quality Certification: Mars Translation has a back up of all translated business and finance documents with their quality certifications and linguistic support.


Almost 10% of employment in Edinburgh is in the Finance and Insurance sector. This is double the average across other UK cities, containing England which is 7%. Certified translation services in Edinburgh are designed according to the demands and preferences of Edinburg clients.